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Follow Up Vet visit~Beener

It's official,,he has full blown senility. He no longer goes potty in the box and is incontinent. He will however go on the puppy pads we put down in an area he goes in freq. He continues to eat good. He still howls at night and at the walls sometimes. He does groom himself still,,kinda so we have to help him sometimes. He sleeps most of the time but will have bursts of energy and become very playful. He does bite more,,,nip more when petted. He has trouble going up and down the stairs and takes them one at a time. He hisses at the other cats a lot as well. I am going to discuss some pain medications with the vet for the arthritis and general degenerations that occur with aging. It makes me sad to think that he doesnt have too much longer with us. The first sign that signals he is declining or suffering I will have him put down,,,he seems content most of the time. Yesterday he was eating his dry cat food like potatoe chips,,he's stick his paw in the bowl and pull one out and eat off his paw. He also is eating whatever he finds that is left on the floor,,he ate my daughters barbie shoes and chews up pictures. We got doggie stairs for him so he can get in bed with us,,he sleeps right next to me on the pillow. Any other comfort suggestions??
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I added some pics of his younger years,,,my sweet baby boy.
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Hi Bkitty.  Aw, poor sweet little Beaner.  Sounds like you're doing great in the comfort area yourself.  Had a thought about the box though and wonder if the sides may of become to high for your aging boy?  Maybe a box with lower sides would make it easier for him to get in?  Although if the puppy pads are working, then leave well enough alone so as not to stress him anymore since he is already confused.  

Just darling with the paw in the bowl. lol  I am sad for you too Bkitty, but it sounds like Beaner has some good time left.  Prayers for your boy, hon...

Saw your pics.  Such a beautiful cat he is and dearly LOVE that lion cut on him!!  Sooo cute!  
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Oops...please forgive the misspelling of BEENER'S name.  
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I tried to see the pics of the boy but I guess they are only available to friends :-(
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I'm sorry that your baby is getting older and senile.  We also have a cat, Rusty, who is getting a little senile.  He'll walk into a room and sit there like he has no idea what is going on.  But, he loves when I use a laser and play with him - he'll start acting like a kitten again.  

He also started to use the floor instead of the litter box and we bought a corner box that is fairly large and is low to the ground for him to get in and he now uses the litter box again.  I think it is because Rusty also has some inflammation due to his age.  I agree that might help him to use the litter box again.  :)

Good luck with you baby!  Be strong . . .sometimes they can be that way for a long time.  

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