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Found 2 stray kittens, need advice

We just found 2 stray kittens (short-hair, orange tabbies, male) and I would appreciate any advice for finding a good home for them in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. They are really cute, affectionate, about 6-weeks old (I think), and just need some TLC (they both have eye infections). We are taking them to the Vet tomorrow for their first check-up. We really cannot keep them (we already have several cats in a small apartment) and need to place them ASAP. Does anyone know of a shelter or anyone that could take them? I left a message with the League for Animal Welfare and the Scratching Post but have not heard back and they seem to be full. Thanks for the help!
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She might be... And they are already sold! :) LOL...
And out of these 10 wks old kitties... my boyf has one, His brother has one, my mum is keeping one for the mothers cats benefit... and we are swapping one for a virgin HD box... and we have sold the others if there are any...

I dont have that many animals in my house....
just 8 cats
6 turtles
2 tarantulas
2 hamsters
1 woodland turtle
1 tortoise    

5 Geckos
2 snakes!!
2 degus

Not that many lol

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I would also take them if you lived closer.  Poor little babies deserve good homes.  Cassandra, did I see where you said your mother cat is pregnant again and her kittens are only 10 wks old?  What in the world are you going to do with all those kittens?
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If I lived near you, I would take them off your hands without second thought...
What did the vets say about their eyes. They are 6 weeksish they are able to go on cat meat now anyways which is helpful... and dont really need mumma milk, Although my kittens are fat and still do and they are 10 weeks tomorrow!

Have you knocked on the doors around your neighbourhood asking if they have any missing kitties?

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Thanks for your help. Is the SPCA a kill shelter or no-kill? I don't want to "rescue" them just to have them die anyway (especially after a $300 vet bill). I have asked friends, but they either don't want or are allergic to cats or they already have a lot of cats. Flyers and internet ads are my next option, once their eyes look good enough for pictures.
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Thank you for caring about their welfare.  When you take them to the Vet's you migh leave a flyer on their bulletain board and flyers elsewhere sometimes are a good way of finding a good home to them.  Know any friends who are kitti-less?  :)
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County of Hamilton: Animal Shelter (Spca)
3949 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223-2518
(513) 541-6100
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