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Found my cat with mouth hanging open, tongue out, drooling.. over a week ago

My cat is a real character. Fortunately, he does seem to be retaining his adorable personality. It isn't like he's lost himself. But it has been a while now that he's been sick.

I haven't been ignoring it all this time either -- I took him to a nearby animal hospital after seeing him that way for two days, as I hadn't expected whatever this is, those symptoms, to persist. That was on a Sunday. After 4 hours and $650 -- I've never been so ripped off before. Going to the ER, as a human, they can't let you go without doing some good for you, in my experience. I still have no idea what's wrong with my cat. The doctor showed no shame in relaying this to me.

Without going into it... they did bloodwork and x-rays (lateral). Bloodwork was "normal". I was told he's fine "from the neck down". But upward, they hadn't a clue. Like I couldn't have told them that ****.

Doc Cooch said she GUESSED it's a polyp, and referred me to a vet up north to get a diagnosis. I then took off work to bring my cat there, only to be told they couldn't help me, didn't have an endoscope, don't know why I was referred there.

So this is already costing me two weeks of my pay and a month of my rent. I've taken Spice (my cat) elsewhere since. I've called up numerous places. Everyone tells me something different -- he needs general anesthesia, a CT scan, an internist, dentist, neurologist.... Dentist, because as the third vet informed me, my cat actually has gingivitis. So this disgusting hospital didn't even bother opening my cat's MOUTH, the SOURCE of his issue. I can't even.

But actually I'm not being referred to a cat dentist, because no one says they've seen his symptoms caused by gingivitis. Stomatitis, maybe, but this isn't supposed to be that... Plus, that whole POLYP idea doesn't seem to match the symptoms either from what I'm reading.

I just can't afford another $800 or so to MAYBE diagnose him now. I don't know what to do. What I really want is at least some reasonable guidance, to point me in the right direction... or if any of you have experienced something similar with your pet, please share the details just in case it can help shed some light on Spice's situation. If I at least knew what to do I might be able to get the money for it.

Anything anyone knows that could be relevant... please please reply. Thanks.
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wow what a run around...and Vet care and tests sure are not cheap:(

I will give you my opinion....this sounds very much like your Spice is in ALOT of oral pain, and NO simple gingivitis won't cause that much discomfort, I believe he has a condition called FORLs...my Sami also has this and its extremely painful. unfortunately the only way to dx this is by dental xrays and for this he wil need to go under anethesia so you are looking a around $200 for that....but I do urge you proceed and hopefully with a good dental surgeon who knows what he's looking for and what he's doing, than if this is what he is suffering with the dental surgeon can go ahead and extract the affected teeth...its is very important they also extract every single piece of the root system or the pain will continue....if the dental surgeon does 4-5 extractions along with xrays and anesthesia you are looking at a bill of $1500-$2000, at least here in Canada...maybe a little less in the US if thats where you live?
I would highly suggest you get this done...its not fair to leave Spice in so much pain...start with a referal to a good dental surgeon...I wish you both the very best of luck....hard to find $$$ for those bills. there is a Care Credit Card you can apply for..its pays the Vet bills than you repay monthly.
I will send you a link for info on FORLs also one for info on the CC...♥



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Hi Kcell,

I absolutely agree with everything Opus has said. My cat has stomatitis, so  we know how very painful this can be for your kitty. Unfortunately he is going to probably need surgery. But The Care Credit Opus told you about is great for deferring the cost.

I cannot tell you how angry it makes me that a Vet would run all those tests, and never bother to look at the first place any Vet student would . Unfortunately we have to be pro-active in our pets health. Read up on things before we go to the vet.

If I were you I would talk to your vet and tell him you think he unfairly charged you for tests he "should have known" your cat did not need.
I mean a cat comes in  drooling foul smelling liquid from his MOUTH , so you look at their rear end???? Seriously , you should try and get a credit  or tell your vet you will  have to find a new vet. Doubt you'll get it if your nice , but if You put on your B.... Hat and make a scene--you know what they say about" squeaky wheels"......or B.... Hats, LOL!!!!

Good luck to you both and please keep us updated. If your kit continues in this pain he may not even be able eat, and we know how bad that would be. Check to make sure he is eating and not losing weight.
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I know your post is old but, my boyfriend woke up to find our with her tongue sticking out and drooling.  

I hadn't seen her in awhile because I had to move in with my 86 year old Mom who has Alzheimer's and she (Angel kitty) had been on mind a LOT the past couple of weeks.  I should know when that happens to trust my instincts...I told myself she was just missing me and wondering where I go when I leave her.  We also have a my black beauty here at Moms who has tumors but isn't in any pain.  We brought her home to love her after $700 of tests...didn't do the CT because she's almost 16 and can see what's wrong and she did have a parasitic gut infection due to my Mom letting her outside and she drank water from the bird "bowls" my Mom keeps filled outside for her wildlife she feeds and loves...

Well, the Grand Island Small Animal Hospital on Grand Island,NY is also a 24/7 ER so, they took Angel right away and doc thinks she's fine but, her drooling and tongue hanging out turns out she has rotten teeth wit severe infection.  We adopted her 2 years ago and she had been receiving regular vet care but her first "Mommy" died suddenly and we adopted her and another cat that belonged to her Mommy.  $1400+ later, she's undergoing surgery today to remove the very infected (and pain causing) rotted teeth.  We really can't afford this since I'm not working due to my caring for my Mother but, when we love our fur babies, we go into debt.  

I surely hope they find that she's healthy when they run all the tests and get her mouth infection under control.

The doc literally diagnosed this in less than 5 minutes, felt her everywhere, listened to her heart, lungs and took her temp and well, it just should NOT have been so difficult for you to get help for your fur baby.

Sometimes, an ER vet is the best place to go if there's one in your area....

All my best,
Angel's New Mommy
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Thank you for posting and wishing your baby the best of wishes....keep us updated, we care
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