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Getting chemo and having a cat

I have Ovarian Cancer stage 4 and right now am not getting chemo. However, I have had chemo twice in the past 2 years, and lost 2 cats so far, do I really need to worry about my cats and the chemotherapy? Plus my older cat also fights with my sons younger ones, constantly jumping them and biting them. Is this what may be giving my oldest cat behavior problems with the other 2 cats?
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Sorry for your health problems.I do hope you get better soon.
I do believe your cat feels and also acts weird when you get the stuff,but It s probably cos cats are sensitive and they for sure can get the fact you're not ok .They always do it, it doesnt matter the reason for.
Its more about feelings and energies, the medicine you take dont reach your pet ,maybe you smell different but that will not damage one animal or other persom.Other way, pacients on chemo would not be allowed to keep contact with their kids or friends
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i understand what she is saying,because i have a kitten and started chemo and I smell it and wonder that when i pet him if it goes thru my pores into my kitten. His behavior changes after I get my injections for a few days. I pet him off and on all day long.  Im scared its getting into him and effecting him. Please if you have heard of this or any related posts please let me know because I would feel so bad to hurt my baby boy and im very concerned.
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I also have had chemo as I have lung cancer, I have 2 dogs that were not affected at all by my getting chemo, why would you think it killed your cats and changed the behavior of the other cat, I do not understand what makes you think this, if your cats somehow got into a chemo drug it could definitely kill them but if you yourself alone had taken chemo and didn't have them drinking your urine somehow or taking in any bodily fluids I don't think the cats would die because of you taking chemo.
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I'm also not understanding, I think.  Perhaps I don't know enough about Chemo, but I'm not sure I see how it affects pets, except perhaps emotionally.  If there's something we are missing that you could fill us in on, it might help to give advice on the situation.

Are your son's younger cats new in the household.  We have an article in our Health Pages about Cat Behavioral Issues - Environmental, that I would recommend for you to read.  It may help with your cats' relationship problems.

I certainly hope for all the best for you, your family and your kitties.

Welcome to the forum!
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I’m so sorry you have cancer. I hope you are feeling well today. I didn’t quite understand something, though. You have lost two cats since you started treating yourself, right? So, you are basically seeing your treatment as being the cause for the death of two of your cats and the behavior or your elderly one? I’d have to ask around. I have never heard of this before. Hopefully, someone will be able to offer you information on this.

Again, so very sorry….

I will get back to you on this.
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