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Grooming Cats

What's the best way to groom your cat?
I've several combs & brushes designed for cats, but in the end if I gently pull her coat I get more hair off. Plus she enjoys this method. Of course I've to shower after.
I've always had as pets, short hair cats. Mommy Baby, I adopted,& she has long hair. Thanks.
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Both my kits were abandoned infants and they adore being groomed, getting that undercoat off of them helps with itching and flakiness and plus, it is almost like the mother used to clean them...When I sit with mine and groom them, they actually will kiss and lick my hands like they are giving me thanks for brushing them.  

They are coming out with some neat brushes, but really anything that is not too sharp or pointy will do the trick.  I use the ones from the walmart that look like little rakes and when I am done brushing them, it looks like I have 2 more cats on the couch because of all the hair that is removed.

I got an email on a new brush that is shaped like a tongue with little
stickers on it to stimulate the kit like a mother used to do.  I haven't seen it in a store yet, but when i do i will try it out and let you know how the girls and I liked it....

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I have groomed cats on a professional level.  Here is how it's done:

1) Clip kitty's nails so she can't gouge you with them.  If you are unsure about the 'quick', just remove enough of the nail to blunt it.  You can use people-trimmers for this.  Make sure you get her dewclaws (inside front) and the back four as well.  Just in case you do cause bleeding by accident, apply a bit of flour, or any flour-like substance to it and press for a few moments.  This will stop the bleeding.

2) Make sure you have either cat-shampoo, or dish soap.  If you use dish soap, dilute it 10:1, otherwise you will be rinsing her for days.  Get a big cup you can hold in one hand if you don't have a sprayer you can take down.  Have a couple of towels and a bow-dryer ready.  Get the water running warm, and on the slow side of moderate pressure.

3) Now comes the fun part. :-)  Scruff kitty and put her in the tub.  She will scream and cry like you're killing her.  Wet her entire body, down to the skin (this can be difficult, as cat hair tends to roll-off the water, so take your time and talk to her while you get her all the way wet.

4) Use the shampoo or dish soap all over her body.  Don't forget her face, and under her tail.  Lather well.  This is a good time to feel if she has any mats or lumps to be aware of.

5) Rinse, rinse, rinse until you see no trace of soap.  Turn water off.  Run your hand down kitty's body to push off excess water.
6) Towel-dry kitty as much as possible, then use the blow dryer.  Put the dryer on it's coolest setting, low power.  Keep from burning kitty by keeping the dryer moving (do not hold it over one spot), and hold the dryer 6-8 inches from her body.  Go over her until she is completely dry.  Yes, it takes awhile.

7) Brush her.  Use care with mats: some are small enough to be pulled apart with your fingers.  Do this by the same method you use to open a beg of chips... pulling APART, not away.  If you can't pull it apart,  cut it off.  Be CAREFUL not to cut her skin!  Be ready to pull the scissors back if she moves.

8) If you suspect that she is eliminating on her fur, you can cut the fur around her butt and between her legs shorter.  Again, careful with the scissors!

9) Look at the bottoms of her feet to see if they are matted.  You should be able to clearly see all of the pads.  If you can't, trim the hair away.  Ditto scissors.

10) Get out a small bowl and put it on the floor.  Pour some milk in it for kitty.  She's all done! :-)
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The one  cheap that works better, in my opinion,is a plastic rake and its better  to use the  small side.
Not much fast , but inoffensive for cats that keep moving while  ypu comb them.
Brush is almost useless and "that thing with metalic wires  that I dont know the name in english ( here is "rasqueadeira) can hurt yout cat if you dont use with care

2 of mine are long haired, just one is short  haired ( the one that enjoys combing  much)
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