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HBP in my elderly manx cat

My cat, Bali is 15 and recently started having high BP. We found out during a routine check for a surgery.
She had a galloping heart beat, so heart was tested and all looks good there... eyes are good, kidneys are good some decline but not much. Had 1 T4 test and another T test yesterday looking for cause.

Waiting on on 2 more blood test to see about thyroid. So far T4 is fine, kidneys are fine, with some slow concentration but normal BUN and CREA for her age.

She is an alert, well eating, grooming, great coat, happy cat. She has been a bit standoffish lately.
She eats pure cat food/ fish based: tuna, mackeral, sardines with no additives except kitty approved vitamins. In other words no fillers or chemicals. She drinks good well water.

I can use help with the medicine side of treatment. What might we expect for a BP medicine?
Are there side effects? Any suggestions, tips, or info I can use to get her BP down. She would like to have surgery, but we won't do it with this going on.
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I think it's a blessing that you found out about the HBP before it caused blindness, kidney damage, and a stroke(from a bleed in the brain).  Now, you have the chance to get control of the BP, which I think is great!  I had a cat w/ HBP and I found out about it when I noticed(and freaked out) blood in her eye!!  The BP had caused blood to leak from the vessels of her eye, and it eventually caused blindness.  I'm happy that you caught this in time!!

The typical meds are enalapril and if this doesn't work, they will add something called amlodipine.  Both of these drugs are also used by humans.

Good luck to you, hon.
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ZQ is right on a about the medications...and like she stated its good it was determined early..
I also had a kitty with hbp, his name was Opus..his one eye became very red and detached before a dx was made, he ended up losing the one eye. however the medication he was put on kept his bp good and he lived a healthy life for 3 years after diagnosis...he died at 17.
the med he was on was amlodipine(norvasc) this is the only one he needed.
I will send you a site with info on both these meds mentioned. I sure hope you can get this under control and Bali lives for  a good many years with you yet:)
You can also read up on an amino acid called L-theanine, it is sometimes used to treat hbp and racing heart in cats...trouble is I don't know the dosage....I will also send you a link to the best L-theanine for use with cats if you and your Vet decided to try that route...first here are the meds..
keep us posted♥



heres the amino acid and this is where I order from, I use this one for one of my kitties to help calm him, he has behavioral issues..the dose for that is 50mg per day so I open the cap and mix 1/4 of it with some water and give via dropper...but I have NO idea what dosage for hbp...if you are real interested in this(Vet advice first) I can try and research and find it...although didn't have much luck so far...


taurine is also real good for the heart. and you can use too much of this, I make Nemo's food and this is the one I order. I add 1/2 teas. in a 8oz jar...that lasts him 3 days


I would also suggest feeding something other than totally fish, fish has been linked to causing a reduction in Vit E...plus some health issues b/c of all the contaminates in our oceans...same as for people we are told to limit consumption..esp. of tuna and mackeral. can you try feeding him something else...like chicken or beef occasionally? not saying this will help his bp...but worth a try too.:)
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thanks folks!

as you know we are getting her ready to have the scc surgery!
that's why we found out about the bp- turns out she is in early stage hyperthyroid too-argh.

so she has started 2 meds- one for Bp one for HT.
soooo tomorrow i take her to a local vet to have bp measured.
the goal is to get her safe for the 1 hour surgery for her nose.

the docs at tx a&m will do a complete workup again before surgery including a cat scan to determine if the tumor can be excised.
i think i told you i got a grant to help her! that's the only reason we can do all this....

i will let all you know how this progresses maybe it will help someone else? and once we get past the surgical event i will try more natural additives too. she is taking something called cat cancer care kit- which has lots of good kitty immune factors and herbal support.
i am checking to make sure there are no issues with the herbs in combo with the meds! but the powder is fine and she loves it!

bali says hi and thanks!!!
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yes Hbp is often caused by hyperT good that both were discovered and now treated....
yes you did mention the grant, thats wonderful, how did Bali qualify for that may I ask???

I've got a link here to one Cat cancer care kit...is this the one?


this ones ingredients look good, the only thing you do need to ask your Vet abt is the one ingredient Red Clover as it can interfere with blood coagulation and thats a worry with upcoming surgery..

sending love and hugs to both you and Bali...

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hello dear friends!
good good news!
blood pressure totally normal! yay.
she is feeling good been keeping steady...opus- yes that is the kit i am using, i actually contacted the vet who developed it and she says the herbs should not interact with the bp and Ht meds- but to err on the side of caution Bali is off the herbs until after surgery. which God willing will be next few weeks.

Bali qualified for aid from Riedel & Cody foundation because of my income and the likely success of her treatment for cancer. They are strictly a cancer charity for pets! Also I have been saving up for her treatment- she is such a sweetie- i am hoping for the best. her cancer seems to be at a dull roar and I really hope that it will be operable! A CAT scan will be done before they decide for sure they can get it all....
thanks for caring and for getting me on the right track here on the cat forum!
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Oh good, that is great news for Bali......the meds are working!!!

Jeri, I didn't think the herbs would react with the meds....what I was concerned abt is Red Clover and interfering with blood coagulation...so its best that she is off this until after her surgery..

What a great foundation...Riedel and Cody, I looked them up online...they do wonderful work and a cancer charity besides....I am so Bali was approved, they must believe she is a good candidate for successful surgery...lets pray the CAT scan is in her favor:)
sending you and Bali hugs and hope and of course our prayers....keep us posted♥

ps you should post some info abt them on this site....and let others know there is a cancer charity out there...is this only in one state or are there other clinics????
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Wonderful news about Bali's BP.  And the aid foundation, wow, you've really done some research in getting Bali help.  I wish you the best of luck for your beautiful little sweetie.  

And in viewing Bali's nose and knowing it is cancer, there is a very tiny area on Jade's nose; a white area right near the little black heart of her nose that I don't like the looks of.  We'll be seeing the vet in the next several weeks.  

Again, wishing you and Bali the very best!  Big Hug! ♥
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dear friends well our final labs were today and all is good for her to go back to TX A&M on Monday- that's her pre-sugical ck in and if all looks good, the cancer removal will be Tuesday hopeful get her home Thursday. They take most of the soft tissue around her nose, but if I can keep her healthy after that we should have a few more years of lovin'. She is the sweetest ..... I do have one question: the meds seems to have thrown her into a constipation and so per my vet i gave her a pretty good dose of laxatone and miralax which worked like gang busters- but now it won't stop! it's been since yesterday morning and i have taken her back in to the vet 2 days in row to make sure she is not dehydrated! any advice on keeping bowels moving in balance after the surgery? i am concerned about that now.

Again THANKs for the support and I hope my journey can help someone else and their kitty!
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also she is taking amlodipine and the standard T meds and all that is doing great-
as well she passed the FIV and F-LEUK tests. Just making sure.

Hugs all around and keep up the good work ladies.
xoxo :)
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well that is wonderful news that Bali is doing so good and is ready for this surgery to happen....want you to know that our hearts and prayers go with you both for this trip and good outcomes for dear little Bali ((hugs))

jerialice bowels can be such a problem especially when on meds....some suggestions to try are 'insoluable fibers' that will help speed up the transit and hopefully prevent constipation....
she is eating wet food right????? that is very important, she needs the moisture....and wetting dry food is NOT an option.

you can buy canned pumpkin....PLAIN pumpkin not the pie filling and add some to her food, that will have to be a guesstimate depending on how much food you give at one time, usually for a 3 oz serving I would add perhaps 1/4-1/2 a teaspoon...

or you could cook up a zucchini or sweet potato mash and add abt same amount...these are all good for constipation help.
miralax is okay to use occasionally, I need to for my Nemo who has huge const. issues...

again sending our love and best of wishes, update us when you are home and Bali is over the surgery...bless you both♥
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