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HELP! I have potty problems...

Lucy has been using an area of my carpet for a litter box.  I steam cleaned the carpet last weekend and it seems to just have spread it around.  She's been trying to bury an area of about 6 square feet- pretty much the entire area I cleaned.  I'm going to do it again this weekend and got an enzyme cleaner from the industrial cleaning place here in town- I can't find any of the stuff we've talked about on here.  It should be a much better cleaner than what I used.  

My question is that once I clean it, if I put furniture there and stop her from getting to that area or is that just going to send her somewhere else?

I think her problem is that she can still smell it and is trying to cover it up, but would stop once the smell is out.  
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yes I do believe you are right on the money, she is still smelling the scent and therefore thinks its her litter box or 'the' place to go, remember kitties go by smell alone.
try the enzyme cleaner from the industrial place, you may need to do it more than once.
I will give you a name of a product I was just told about last week just incase yours fails, this one apparently is better than any of the pet enzyme cleaners on the market. I've heard amazing things abt it. try yours once or twice if that doesn't do it try this one.


you should also get her to a Vet clinic for a urinalysis, because there's a reason she used somewhere other than her littler box to begin with...could have a UTI or crystals....
good luck.

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I saw an issue with this on "My Cat From Hell" and you have to use a cleaner w/an enzyme in it to get rid of the ammonia, etc, so your cat can't smell the urine any more and continue to want to use the same areas. What also was occurring in this episode was this cat felt she had no area of her own-make sure your cat has her own "territory" w/ her own climbing toys, window look-outs, etc, and adequate litter pans-esp in the offending area. Of course the vet visit to rule out any health visits, too!!
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Oh-just saw you're getting the enzyme clnr-sorry!! i didn't read all the words!!
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ARGH!!!!  I've used the enzyme cleaner I have and it just didn't work.  Would it be worse to add the Fizzion now on top of all the others?  I guess it doesn't matter, if it doesn't work I have to replace the carpet.  

Any thoughts??
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no won't hurt, go ahead and give it a try alot cheaper than replacing carpets...I've found its worked amazingly well here on old stains and scents...good luck hon!!!!!
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