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Happy Thanksgiving in advance

For all of you that celebrate this holiday.
Here in Brazil we dont.But after a long time taking English classes and celebrating just Hallowens ,the last year I was there we were asked to write Thanksgiving messages to fix in a poster.
I remember I thanked for the things I knew I was about to lose - folks and friends there,or so
A few time after I had my Retina Detachment and started wondering if I had not been thankful enough for what I had!
This RD was the beginning of my " Be Thankful trainning" Thankful for mine be quite serious but acute - I had not lots of surgeries as many does.Thankful for knowing not about it previouly to the happened ( why got mad in advance when you can do nothing to prevent is?)
Thankful because it was more than 5 year ago and nothing more happened
Thankful for seeing it doesnt matter how much fu...... you are, theres always people worse than you.Some years going to a Retina dept of a big hospital and  traveling in that van full of people going to many different hospitals ( great part serious cases, the ones they cant solve in my own city - cancer,renal or cardiacs waiting for transplants,disabled people) shake your brain.
I knew MH one week after my surgery - that was something to be thankful as well.
Soon after this RD my baby arrived.Loreena is the angel that provided me a "post graduation" certificate in this course.Im COMPLETLY Thankful for all she did and do,for all the blessings I had to her and her kids
Its all dears,be fine and enjoy the turkey tomorrow.MUCH LOVE !!!
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Beautiful post, Apple.  Love to you and the girls~
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yes thank you once again for such a beautiful and thought provoking post apple...you are so right, I am so guilty of concentrating on all the negatives in my life and I try to retrain myself to see all the positives. My furbabies for one. :)
Loreena was indeed your post graduation gift, I am so glad she found YOU and you both found us on MH. you are both a gift to us dear.
lets all give thanks this Thanksgiving for all we are able to still enjoy. Our Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, but I want to wish everyone everywhere a most thankful holiday and thank you apple for making us all aware of how lucky we really are:))
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Hi dear. & happy day to Joy Lucky & Loreena. You are beautiful & your kitty's are too. From your Costa Rican friend. Pamela
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Thanks so much for your sweet post, Apple!!  

We, and I speak for all the regulars on the forum, are thankful that you've been such a valuable member on here for so many years.  Giving tons of support and giving us lots of entertaining posts!  =)

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