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Head injury causing seizures

My kitten is a over a month old and he got attacked by a mongoose 3 days ago causing head trauma. His head was swollen and eyes were also swollen shut. We noticed nosebleed for at least 6 hrs. The vet gave antibiotics and steroids to reduce swelling. He said his chances of survival are low.

On the second day, his swelling had reduced a lot thanks to the meds but he started having seizures. The vet gave diazepam via injection but once the meds wore off, his seizures only got worse. Around 1am the interval between seizures were about 10 min. Then they were 15 min and 20 min. By 8am, it was one seizure in an hour. He seizes and then becomes vocal for about 30 seconds - 1 min.

This morning I noticed pupillary response. His eyes are accommodating light from time to time. There's still swelling, it hasn't gone down fully.
Today, the vet gave gardenal 30mg tablet to be given at night. ( 1/6 part of it )
The seizures last shorter now because of it.

The vet advised to keep him warm because his paws were becoming very cold. I've been keeping him in a box lined with paper. Filled a bottle with hot water, wrapped it in paper and kept it next to him. His paws aren't cold anymore.

He can't drink/ eat on his own so I've been giving glucose water through a dropper. Should I try liquid food? He's too thin and idk if I'm even giving the right amount of glucose. Sometimes he actively swallows and other times I have to stimulate him to swallow.  
If there's anything I can feed him at this stage, pls lemme know
Do you think there's a chance of recovery?

Any advice is appreciated : )
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Because he seems to be improving in some ways at least, it does seem as though there is a chance of recovery. Are you in a place where you can get a product called "KMR?" (It stands for "kitten milk replacer," and it is made by PetAg, I think.) If this were my kitten, I would give him KMR rather than just glucose water. Or, I'd give him broth (such as, chicken broth) or anything with a milk base, but perhaps not cow's milk. (Cats tolerate goat's milk better than cow's milk, for example.) The vet should be able to advise you on what you can try to feed the kitten.
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Kitten milk replacer isn't available in most places here. I'll try to get hands on it if I can. Vet said to soak cat food in water and give it as liquid food through the dropper.
It's been 7 days and he's made a lot of progress.
He doesn't have seizures anymore. The vet sent us home with meds. He actively drinks from the dropper now.
He's blind but tries to walk now and then. Today he started walking in circles, I'm hoping that'll resolve soon.

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