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Help Identify the Cause of My Cat's Death

Hi, thank you for reading.  I am still looking for answers to what was her underlying condition and the cause of her death, as noone seems to know.  I hope a caring veterinarian has come across my post, but even if youre not maybe you ll find mine and Bobo's story worth reading. Below I have provided links to her tests and x-rays and my summary of symptoms and events leading up to her death.

I had full faith in providing her with a good raw food diet and did not do any bloodwork all the time I had her.  If I had a chance to go back, I would have done biannual bloodwork and taken any necessary tests at the first sign of weird symptoms, rather than hoping for the best trying to fix her myself.

My cat Bobo was a funny pot belly calico, a gentle friendly pet who loved greeting people and little dogs. She enjoyed walking with me outdoors and waited for me and followed me around and many people mistook her for a little dog. I had her  eight years. The thought of her will always bring me happiness. She died early Saturday morning Aug 24 @4am at an emergency pet hospital in Grapevine, Texas . None of the vets that have seen her have a good idea of her underlying disease or the cause of her death.  

medical records: bloodwork taken twice, x-rays taken twice and a radiologist's report on the first x-rays, urinalysis


enlarged xrays:



Got her from a household, age unknown, probably at about 3 yrs old, 5+ years ate dry food only, which she would eat non stop and weighed 13 lbs, 5 lbs overweight. When I started her on raw food, and for a period of a year or so I would take her on long walks to the park, with her following me(up to 1/2 mile but normally 1/4 mile) at her pace and she would sit down often. Sometimes though it wasnt hot she would start panting and I would carry her the rest of the way.  She definitely slimmed down when we walked regularly and got down to 9 lb. After that, the tables turned, I would just take her outside and follow her around the apartment complex and she seemed to really enjoy that. Many times I had to end the walk before she was ready because she could keep exploring an hour or more.  As far as I can remember she always enjoyed eating fresh wheatgrass and oatgrass which was especially planted for her. Would also eat and vomit up grass growing outside daily. Periodically all the while I had her she would get congested anal glands and scoot. 3 years prior to death switched to raw food diet of chicken, water and supplements: daily 1/3 lb chicken(thing or breast meat w/third skin removed & breast bone + 1/4 tsp chicken liver), 40 IU Vit E Carlson E Gems, 330 mg Taurine, 10 mg B complex, 1/4 raw pastured egg yolk, Norwegian Cod Liver Oil1/3 capsule(replaced with Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil 1/8 tsp last 20 months of life), 5-6 flakes of kelp/dulse, 1/8 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup water. She stayed at a consistent 10lb weight on her raw food diet, however, most people still thought of her as a fat cat and I thought her belly seemed to always be a little too distended for how much she ate.  About one year prior to death switched to organic chicken instead of all natural chicken. 2 months prior to death added organic pastured ground whole chicken with organs which replaced whole chicken pieces every other time.  Seemed to have an increased appetite for ground whole chicken as compared to chicken pieces.  Amount of raw food was not restricted but she would only ask for food morning and evening to total 1/3 lb meat daily. All raw meat was thawed out daily or every two days, place din ceramic bowl and heated slightly in a bowl of water on stove top. The bowl was then placed inside about 2 foot tall plastic storage bin. I trained her to jump in to be fed and that way I could easily clean up after her when she spilled broth or chicken.  She always seemed to put forth considerable effort to jump in but I thought it was good exercise. I also moved 5/18 and stopped walking with her as regularly.  Various observations 2-3 months prior to death:She threw up her entire meal a couple times, but seemed fine afterwards and hungry,something she had done on occasion before. a few times that I remember, she jumped out of litterbox with poop still hanging and found poop just outside of litterbox. over a period of several days would jump into the bathtub and meow as if asking for water but would leave as soon as I turned the faucet to slight trickle. Would continue to drink her food broth. She started eating a little less then normal.   During those last 2 months we also had an increase in mosquitoes  4-5 found and killed daily indoors, occasional swarms of them every few days outside on the patio where they were attracted to moisture in the potted plants.   (continued in my next post) thanks
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