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Help!!!! Kittens

Hi all. I'm hand raising 2 little kittens, they are 4 weeks old. My little girl got what I thought was an umbilical hernia. I talked to 2 different vets and they both said hernia but I was still worried, it was so big! Anyway, yesterday we noticed that there were 2 yellow lumps on it, like bits of pus, kind of like when a human gets a cyst?. Still I let it go, as I noticed as I was going to work at the time. I have just gotten home and found that the pus has popped, like a pimple, and has gone all over the blanket. She now has a dry/scabby tummy. I'm furious that both the vets said hernia hernia when I specifically asked 'can I bring her in ' they said there was no point, it was just a hernia! She hasn't been gaining weight properly since the thing appeared. I will be taking her first thing in the morning when my vet opens but I'm worried. She's still eating and toileting (though for a week her urine has been thick- again the vet said it was fine) and she's still moving around and crying. She doesn't seem to be in any pain and it's more than likely that her or her brothers claws caused the rupture as they love to rough house. Has any body had an experience like this? I'm just so worried :( what can you tell me?????
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sorry I can't be of alot more help to you, I'm relieved you are taking this kitten to see a Vet...thats the trouble with giving out a diagnosis over the phone or internet...things are not always as they sound.
I hope this is just a cyst and require antibiotic therapy....and not tumors. If the Vet does feel kitty needs an antibi. the only thing I will warn you abt is one the Vets really like to prescribe, its in injection form, a long acting antib called Convenia. they'll tell you how much easier this is b/c its a one time injection and no need to pill the kitty everyday....DON'T listen, this convenia has proven to be very dangerous in cats..I can send you write ups or you can read back on old posts...it stays in their system for weeks and can cause severe side effects...please go with the pill or liquid forms.
good luck to you and kitty and please update us after youv seen the Vet...♥
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Just after I posted I went to warm up their heat pad and noticed it had a wet spot. When I picked her up I noticed pus coming out of the other side of it! It seriously is like a massive pimple. I sat with her on my lap and gently eased the pus out. It was a creamy white/slightly yellow colour and didn't smell. I eased it until it was running with a bit of pink, then stopped and wiped her down with warm salty water. She didn't seem to be in any excess pain and I put her to bed with her brother and they're now both asleep. I noticed that her lump that I thought was a hernia was HEAPS smaller.... I will wipe her down with salty warm water again in an hour or two.
It seems like a big cyst or abscess. Her brother has an eye infection at the moment that I have been treating with warm salty water. Fingers crossed for an easy happy treatment xxx thank you xxx
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Honey, take her in, don't call the vet and take their word for it on the phone.  Let it be seen.  Abscesses can be very dangerous.  You might think it is all draining but it might not be.  Don't wait.
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Thanks for the help guys. Just come from the vet, she has an infected umbilical hernia. He has an upper respiratory tract infection. On liquid antibiotics and cream for sticky eyes. Vet is very happy, says they'll be fine :D thank you so much :)
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I'm so glad you got this looked after Cat_88, it sounded like whatever it was that there was definitely an infection. I'm going to paste some info I gave others recently...kittens born with weakened immune systems really need to be on L-lysine an amino acid this is especially important for kitties with URI(upper respiratory infection) by using the L-lysine this will strengthen their immunity and prevent the URI from reoccurring (and it will), its good for both of the to be on it since they didn't have a great start in life and their immune systems are compromised.
- this is the very best defense against this uri from continually reoccurring.most Vets will tell you about this product and many will sell one to you, however...being holistic minded I must say the Veterinary versions of are very high priced and low in quality. I will give you the name of human versions of L-lysine that are SAFE for cats...much cheaper and more effective. I recommend you order this product from iherb or find a good Health/Vitamin/Supplement store that sells this brand...it is free of sugar/salt/soy/corn/preservatives etc...so SAFE to use.
if you do order from iherb, quote this code SED957 and get $4 off. that will cover the shipping costs and than the product itself will only cost you $6.43 this is very inexpensive and the very best immune defense you can give your kitties.


there is a scoop that comes inside, use 1/2 scoop for the first week, than 1/4 scoop thereafter.

its also a good idea to give them a probiotic following antibiotics...to prevent a yeast infection (yes same for cats and humans too) I will give you the link for a very good one, that is completely safe for cats...no yukky ingredients. just a small sprinkle on their food.


good luck to both, keep up the great work and keep us posted ok♥
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Delighted you got them seen.
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I was gonna say the same thing, my cat had similar type pussieinfection and looked like there was a golf ball shoved under her skin, when took her to my GF who's a vet they shaved her and took a scalpel and sliced it open rt in front of me!! All this puss came out it was literally full of it! But she said bc cats heal quick on the skin if bacteria gets caught inside and the skin heals over it they'll get a poofy pussie type infection, I figured that's what was on your kittens stomache and that it'd be fine with antibiotics, seems like everything's ok now! Good luck! Hopefully it's healed up by now!
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Yes it's all healed up, even the hernia has closed thank you so much. The best moment for me was when, after about the fourth or fifth day on antibiotics I weighed her and she had gained 35-40 grams in that time. Now she's 8 weeks old and weighs over 400 grams and is happy and healthy. Now we're looking at adopting her and her brother out as they have began shedding and my allergies are starting to flare p as I knew they would.
We put off getting them wormed til this week too, it's being done Wednesday, along with their first vaccination :)
Thank you everyone for all of your help!!!
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hi...so happy to read these kittens are doing so well, good job mamma!!! your good care and diligence has given these little ones a chance at a good life ahead, may they find good loving forever homes:))

I just want to add a couple of suggestions, I know I go against what most Vet clinics will suggest however I strongly urge you to NOT give these kittens the combo vac's FVRCP (as most clinics do)...along with the required Rabies vac. that is such an assault to their little systems...just over kill all at one time and can/does lead to some very ill kitties. Please space these vac's apart from the rabies at least 2 weeks apart.
I also urge you not to give the dewormers at the same time as vaccinations, also a common clinic practice.....even dewormers are so very harsh, than when added with vac's they sure give a wallop to the immune system....good luck♥
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Hi hi , I already decided to do one vac at a time :) and the vet said the dewormer was a much gentler one that I administer over 2 weeks.
I think the worming is important atm as my little boy is a but distended in the tummy.
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