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Help with cat - vomiting and won't eat - vet was no help

Please help me if you have any idea what I could do to help my cat. Moochy is 3 years old and started vomiting a week ago. She coughed up two big hairballs in that time and wouldn't eat. I took her to the vet on the third day. The vet kept her for five days, did every test available and confirmed she has slight bilirubin and a very low white blood count but he couldn't find any cause. She doesn't have feline HIV or leukemia. He gave her broad spectrum antiobiotics and gave me some to give her now she's back home. But she still won't eat - she's lost loads of weight, and she's still vomiting - though it's only liquid now.

The vet didn't tell me how to keep her energy up or feed her with a syringe or anything and I don't htink they supplemented her the whole week! My uneducated theory is she had hairballs and started vomiting and developed cat anorexia after a few days of not feeling like eating. So her bilirubin would be due to anorexia. But that doesn't explain the blood count. The vet said all he could think of is that she got poisoned somehow. But she's an indoor cat and we live in a child-safe, clean house with no known poisons around.

Please give me some advice if you can as to what might be wrong and how we can help her eat again - or at least keep her energy up?? I'm desperate. I will look for another vet this week if she's no better because I was very unhappy with this first one - but it all cost us nearly $1000 so I don't know how much more I can do. If I can do anything myself in the meantime I want to....
Thanks in advance -
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Well...one advantage to going to another vet is if you get a better diagnosis and the new vet gives you a statement that the first vet shouldn't have missed it, you can sue for your money back. :)
Seriously, try to do is in the next few days, the longer you wait, the less chance it would hold up in court (This is small claims court, if you pursue it, let me know, I'll walk you through the process if you need help),

Otherwise...5 days is a long time. I'd worry that kitty has some sort of blockage that's put him off her feed (which could cause a small bleed, and thus a low WC count...but that's a guess, Quite a few other possibilities).

Is she breathing fine? (stuffy nose?) if not, that'll do it as well.
It could be a stress reaction from being uprooted for that five days.

Regardless, go to the pet store, pick up a milk supplement (like KMR milk replacer) and get a feeding syringe.

Follow the instructions for mixing it up (I prefer the powdered, its storable). Now,gently push the syringe through the gap between the teeth at the BACK of the jaw. Press gently where the jaw joints to help get kitty to open his mouth. Place the tip of the syringe at the BASE of the tongue (back) and firmly (not to fast, or two slow) squeeze and dispense.

It's best to get kitty in a slightly tipped back position to ensure it doesn't just dribble out.

Otherwise, if you think hairballs are an issue, than treat with a good remedy from the pet store.
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A similar thing happened to my cat a few years ago.  He puked, then stopped eating entirely, and wasn't peeing or pooping either.  A battery of tests, an operation and $3K later, it turned out to be a hairball (as hard as a rock) lodged in his intestine.  They removed it surgically.  We now shave him fairly regularly.

I would definitely get a second opinion.  Also - other times, when our cat quits eating, we give him baby food (at our vet's suggestion), and that usually gets him to come around again and start getting back to normal.
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My cat stopped eating and drinking for a few days and was vomiting clear liquid. He had no energy, was depressed and hiding... Force- feeding him didn't work, he just kept throwing up.  This is actually the second time it's happened and I was really worried about him.  The vet I took him to two years ago retired so I decided to go to another one.

They did x-rays, a blood test, checked him from front to back, took his temperature, and found nothing wrong with him.  Well, the blood test showed some slight abnormalities but she said it was probably due to dehydration.  He was severely dehydrated so they hooked him up to an IV for a few days.  Still was not making any progress 48 hours later, was not eating or drinking, and the vet didn't know what to do next.  She thought it could be cancer or pancreatitis but I would have to pay for more tests that might not find the problem.

I decided to go back to the old vet and get my cat's file.  I remembered some of what he had done and tried to explain it to the new vet but she wasn't really taking what I was saying seriously.  I presented her with the file and she read it over and agreed it was the exact same problem.  I left her with the file at about 11:30 AM and went home thinking my cat wasn't going to make it.  He hadn't eaten since Sunday and it was now Friday.  It was not looking good and we were running out of time.

Then I got a call from the vet at 4:00 PM.   She had given my cat medication to calm his stomach and stimulate his hunger and he finally ate something and didn't throw it up!  She did exactly what the other vet did and it helped immediately!  Whatever medication he was given was like a miracle drug.  She was even shocked at how quickly he responded to the medication.  I brought him home at 7:30 and he is doing very well so far.  

The vet was looking for some serious underlying problem the whole time to explain the vomiting and it was probably just something he ate that severely upset his stomach...

We're going to keep giving him the medication the next few days and if he doesn't regain his appetite we have a high calorie cat food paste that we will force feed him, rub a bit on the roof of his mouth, but I think he's going to be ok.  So far so good, anyway.

Hopefully this information helps somebody out there.  Maybe it will save someone some money or even save a cat's life.
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Same for my 10 month-old male siamese x: vomiting, not defecating, not eating or drinking. The vet took two x-rays, sent the x-rays to the internist, found "nothing remarkable".  My cat was on IV's for dehydration and put on anti-biotocs for high white blood cell count (indication of an infection) and anti-vomiting medication. They even gave him an enema (that didn't work!).  They sent him home with furball/high fiber catfood (that he absolutely refuses to eat) and well wishes all around.

He is sick again three days later. I must admit that I slacked off on the anti-biotics yesterday because he looked so much better the second day. Today, he is vomiting clear liquid, foam, not eating.

I take responsibility.

I am worried about these hair-trigger responses to "sue the vet" or what ever care provider is invovled. Sometimes, it was our fault to begin with (hopefully, unintentionally) or just the way it had to be. Stop with the "SUE YOU" mentality already why don't you? And accept things as they are with some appreciation along the way.

My cat is still sick.  But my sincere and loving prayers for my kitty, my gratitude to two vets in the group practice may create as healing a space as possible. And, I must share: "DON"T STOP THE MEDS" with deep regret for having done so myself. .  I take responsibility. It is my fault.

I share this so that you don't repeat my mistake.

And may all our kitties be well really soon.
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My 4 year old cat is doing same things...she is vomiting clear liquid/foam, she won't eat and doesn't drink much, vet said he couldn't find anything.  I am getting so worried about her, she has lost so much wieght...I just don't know what to do....can anyone help me???
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hi and welcome...tell me how long has she been vomiting? is she eating at all?
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