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High Quality canned cat foods appropriate for CRF

I have become very proactive in finding my 13 year old renal failure cat a high quality canned cat food.
She will not eat canned Prescription kidney diet and after looking at alot of them and seeing that they contain grains and By-products, I can't blame her..

Here is a list, along with website to some that I have personally used and have had success with her eating

High Quality NO grain canned food:
1)Wellness no grain in Turkey, 5.5 oz can , Phosphorus .92, sodium .40
   Wellness no grain Chicken in 5.5 oz can,phosphorus 1.00 , sodium .40

2)Soulistic no grain in karma Chicken and also Karma Chicken with pumpkin 5.5 oz can
   www.soulistic.com (can buy at Petco )made by WERUVA specially for Petco.
This one I have the phosphorus and sodium listed on this forum but do not have in front of me. I just know the phosphorus level was in the 20's and sodium is low(my cat loves this one) You can e-mail Weruva and ask any questions on their Soulistic or Weruva canned foods they will promptly reply..

3)Life's Abundance Instinctive choice. 3 oz can-phosphorus .29, sodium .13 You can e-mail and they will reply to any questions you may have.

The next two I have not tried as of yet but hopefully if Petcurean replies to my e-mail I can get a phosphorus and sodium level..
4) Petcurean "GO", I happened to just stumble across this one last night and appears to be a high quality no grain cat food..www.petcurean.com
5)Tiki-2.8 oz can, I am listing just two of the many they have..Puka Puka Luau(chicken)phosphorus .29 and I did not receive sodium level it is forthcoming..
Napili Luau , Salmon with chicken, phosphorus .34 www.petropics.com..You can e-mail them and they will reply with any questions you may have..

All of these I have listed the phosphorus and sodium levels to are perfectly fine to feed a renal failure cat and sometimes have lower phosphorus than the prescription kidney diets !

Phosphorus , ideally you want to keep between 0.5%-0.75 %, not to exceed 1 %
Sodium, 0.30 or below if possible...I noticed Wellness is .40

Why Wet food and not Dry? Carbs, cats have NO dietary need for carbs and fact is a diet high in carbs can be detrimental to their health.
Cats are designed to eat meat, not grains, they are Carnivores,.
Dry food only contains 7-10 % water, canned foods generally range from 75-78%.
Water is extremely important for the health of our cats since they normally have a low thirst drive and the lack of water can lead to dehydration.
Comparing a dry food versus wet food, cats will consume 50% more moisture on a canned food than a cat on dry.
This is why a cat on dry food can easily develop kidney & bladder problems.
When a cat eats a wet food diet their urine output is double compared to a cat on a dry food diet. This is good for their bladder health.
Dry foods can lead to obesity in animals, which then can lead to Diabetes due to the high carb amounts in food.

"but dry food cleans my cat's better than wet food"..False, Studies have shown there is NO difference between dry/wet diet for animals dental health.Cats generally do not "chew" their food like humans do..They usually crunch once or twice and swallow. Cats also lack the enzymes that humans possess inside their mouths to help break down the food they eat...

I believe the way to go is grain free, low carb, canned food for my cat anyway..It is a good way to keep Diabetes at bay, obesity and possibly kidney disease...

Have a great week everyone !

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The  Petcurean "Go", grainfree : Chicken Phosp: .41, sod:.18
                                                Trout:    Phosp:.39, Sod:.24

EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!! now to get PH balance..

However I am now checking on a few that do not list the PH Balance on their websites, this is very important in maintaining our cats proper PH levels, too low and too high can cause crystals to form, not good for our kitties..
A pet food manufacturer with nothing to hide will usually disclose this information on their website but if not you can e-mail and ask..If you can not get an answer on this (by e-mail or even calling) it is time to look for a different cat food..
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You are welcome !
Vet is still insisting low protein is way to go for renal failure cats..
I just don't like the ingredients in these prescription diet foods, cheap flillers By-products, "ground yellow corn", come on !
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Many thanks from me, too, for the great information and education,  My cat is diabetic, now in remission, and these are exactly the foods she has to eat.  Yes, I was suprised, too, at the DM foods from the Vet and their ingredients.  My cat would not eat the DM canned food I bought from my Vet, so I returned it.  I've printed a copy of your post.  Thanks again.
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thanks for typing all that out Donna, I agree 100% with the high protein, no carb....wet food!!!
great info for everyone to be aware of.

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