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Hildiekatt...mixed news

Just got back from the emergency vet clinic.

About 8 PM Hildiekatt had a mild seizure, felt something rubbing up against my chair here at the desk and it was her.

Left her for overnight observation and treatment, vet said her blood sugar was in the 20's. This may indicate she no longer needs as much, if any, insulin; diabetes may be in remission.  When we said goodnight, she was wide awake and responsive.  The vet tech said she had good tortietude.

We'll find out tomorrow.

I was so scared, I almost thought I was having a seizure too, the way my hands were shaking.

I'd been concerned about her the past couple of days, was going to call in the morning to see if her regular vet had an appointment open.
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Just got a call from the clinic.  Hildie did real well over night.  I'm driving up there to bring her insulin so they can monitor her through the day and see what dosage is good for her.

We'll pick her up for home this evening.
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I am happy to hear she had a good night Pip, I can imagine how upset u were an how long tht drive felt last eve. Sending u both healing hugs, keep us posted
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Back from the clinic.  Vet tech said Hildie was up and alert, had breakfast.

They are going to monitor her sugar over the course of the day so we know what dosage she needs from now on.  Will start using the Alpha Track monitor at home much more regularly.
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It's wonderful that she's doing so much better.  It sounds like she will be coming home fairly soon--because she is doing as well as she is.
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We will be picking Hildie up after 7 tonight, which will give the clinic time to complete the monitoring curve to see that the new dosage will not cause her to  bottom out so drastically again.
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Miss Hildie is home, rode most of the way on my lap.  First thing she did on getting in the house was look for a food bowl and eat some (canned and kibble), second was to hiss at Teia.

On her intake form they have her as quiet, responsive and grumpy.  Other blood work looked good, heart and lungs fine, no unusual masses or other worries.

Her blood glucose level was 24 when she was first admitted last night, after intravenous dextrose therapy for 2 hours, it was up to 512 at 6 AM.  After I delivered the insulin this morning, she was given 1 unit at 8 AM and responded appropriately.

Suggestion is to decrease insulin from 2 1/2 u twice day to 1 u twice a day.

Hildie has lost a little weight and is getting more exercise (up and down all the stairs). We have both her and Teia (our 15 1/2 year old former feral) eating lower carb kibble and more canned food than before.
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