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How to get an older cats weight back up.

So I have a 13 year old Calico tabby who's been with my husband all her life, but she accepted me into the family for the past 7 years. She has always been a dainty eater but now age has caught up with her so she looks like she is never fed even though food is available to her all day. She is indoor/outdoor and hunts mice and eats them and is usually very active. She is very picky about what she eats too, only likes chicken flavor Iams or tuna and will turn her nose if it is not "fresh" enough. We took her to the vet about a month ago because of dehydration. They also did blood work and found no other problems, kidneys were fine and everything else. They gave us an appetite stimulant to try on her which seems to work but she still looks so skinny. It's starting to worry me and I want to try to get her food that she could gobble up. We've given her fussy cat wet food which she loved for a while but is now picky about that too. So my question is, does anyone have recommendations on how to get a picky cat's weight back up, something that she will gobble and want to keep eating?
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Take a fresh stool sample into the vet and check for tapeworms. They can make a hunting cat a skinny cat very quickly.
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