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How to reduce elevated creatinine in very old healthy cat ?

Hello, my cat is not sick yet, it is a female of 19yo or more (found in September 1991), and she has 23,3mg/L of CREA (<24), so still not kidney, but my two other cats dyed of kidney with CREA that went up very fast.
Veterinary prescribed Fortekor 2.5 one by day for prevention.
Her Urea is normal, although she had drink and eat before blood test, it is 0,524g/L. But she drinks a lot: each time she awakes up she wants food and water.
In veterinary there is Epakitin, there is still a lot left from the 2other cats, Veterinary says I can give her. But here they don't sell Azodyl. I don't know if it is good and if we can give without prescription. And if there is something else known there that has got no secondary effects.
And for food I have Royal Canin RENAL wet and dry, although she licks the wet but don't eat it and eats the dry. But I just read it's better to try wet furthermore she is overweight 4.05kg, has osteoporosis and takes Cosequin. Cosequin allows her to be more active and flexible when she takes it and Veterinary says Cosequin is no danger for kidney.
Thank you for all your advices.
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I lost a cat also to CRF over a year ago after a four year battle.
I have a cat now that has has elevated kidney values , creatine 2.8 and BUN of 56.
Where to start, since you are familair with this disease and have some knowledge, I guess you know that dry food is the worst thing we are suppose to give to any cat who has kidney issues.My cat was a dry food junkie and it took awhile to convert her over to strictly canned food. She does not, and will not eat any kind of prescription kidney diet food..
For this reason the vet has prescribed Aluminum Hydroxide, it is your basic antiacid but since it only came in liquid form and it would be too stressful to give twice a day to my cat I called a specialty pharmacy and they compounded it into powder in a capsule and I open the capsule up and give it to her twice a day, every 12 hours. This is so she can eat canned foods that may not be "acceptable" in the levels of Phosphorus, etc..I guess it blocks some of the phosphorus and such so the kidneys do not have to work as hard .
This capsules, for 3 months worth ran me about $54, not bad if you break it down for each month.
Vets still live by the old standard of a prescription kidney diet which is low in protein and in phosphorus but more recent research indicates that too low of protein actually causes muscle wasting and supposedly shortens the life span of a CRF cat.(this is what I read so you be the judge).
I believe that a good quality canned cat food such as Wellness no grain in Turkey, Merrick canned cat foods are acceptable for cats with kidney impairments.
Azydol (sp?), possibly a good substitute would be Forta Flora from the vet or another is Benebac, it is fairly cheap and can be bought at a Petco or ordered from Amazon.com..
Fish oil is a good supplement, it is good at reducing inflammation, so that would be great for your cat since it has arthritis and good for the kidneys at reducing the inflammation ..An excellent brand is Oceanlandic (sp?) UNSCENTED salmon oil, it comes in a pump can and will need to be refrigerated to insure shelf life and since it is an oil, to keep it from ever going rancid..
Drinking is good for your cat, as long as your cat is taking in enough water it helps to flush out toxins..I sit a bowl in the dining room, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom, since cats are random drinkers .
My cat's kidney values haven't changed for the worse much in the past 6 months and it was over a year ago that her levels became slightly abnormal.
My cat has been having constipation issues, this can also go along with renal problems and I have had her to the vet this morning for some retesting of blood work that showed high WBC and Esophils (sp?, can never spell this), she has been on antibiotics now for 21 days and we will hopefully know what is going on perhaps by tomorrow.

Good luck and hopefully some of this info will be of help to you..
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donna has given you excellent first hand experience withCRF!!

she is right about not wanting to reduce the protein very much, this is the basis of a feline diet and too low will cause additional problems.

some other words I can add is the Japanese have successfully added ESP(egg shell powder) to the diet to balance the phosphorus levels in meat...you can make your own, bake an eggshell than crush, only add a pinch.

can also substitute cooked egg whites for a 'portion' of the meat, do this slowly or the kitties will protest.

Glucosamine/chondrodin capsules also reduce inflamation in the bladder/urethra. as well as slippery elm bark.
I can send you the correct usage if you are interested in trying this just let me know.

another trick to try since your kitty likes her dry food so much is to crush a tiny amount of her dry over top of the canned so she will still get the scent, its a good way to do the transition....transitions need to be done very slowly...believe me I had two of the absolute most stubborn kitties in the world to work with.
She absolutely without a doubt needs to GET OFF dry food.
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Thank you for your advices. I hope your cat gets better.

My pet isn't having diarrhea but she has a little constipation, not sure Bene-Bac and FortiFlora would be recommended unless it has a wider action?

I read about Bena Fish Oil but my cat is taking Cosequin for inflammation. Don't know. Didn't find oceanlandic for cats on the net.

I just discovered about potassium for cats on the net. It is good for renal failure and hair quality. But me who is constipated I had taken some already, although it isn't written it helps constipation.
Found Kaminox Potassium Supplement: http://www.vetuk.co.uk/digestive-supplements-dietary-organ-supplements-c-5_143/kaminox-potassium-supplement-120ml-bottle-p-327

Problem is: don't know is she has low levels of potassium. And don't know her levels in anything because blood analysis isn't complete.

If there were some vitamin alimentary complement with potassium that I could be sure 100% good ?

Glucosamine/chondrodin is good for arthritis: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=1+2175&aid=669 What is the name of your product ?

There she woke up and went drinking. I'm very glad to have all of those advices. But I'm still lost because here in France there is not a lot of products like that for sell. I'll have to know what to order ?

So excuse if I hesitate.

And I'm trying dry over wet. Thanks.
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I am sorry, the correct name for the fish oil is ICELANDIC, comes in Salmon UNSCENTED, which is great because fish oil can be of a strong odor..

The Flortiflora is good for diarrhea AND constipation as it puts the good flora back into the colon and helps with the digestive tract.It also has antioxidants and vitamins..Ask your vet ot look it up on the web.

You said blood analysis wasn't complete, so I am assuming one was done and is not back yet ?? If potassium is low, I am sure vet will suggest a supplement.

As far as what to order or get, try to wean your cat off of dry (dry is the worst thing for a cat especially with kidney problems), it might take a while, you can slowly mix in a little can in your cat's dry food ... Opus might have a good suggestion for this as I had no problem with this for my cat.
The prescription kidney diet at the vets is generally too LOW in protein and I feel does not help your cat..I give mine Merricks canned catfood, Newmans own Organic, Wellness grain free is another good one.Good quality canned cat food is what you are looking for, free of by products, additives, etc...
If Phosphorus is too high /and / or sodium there are binders which I think you may be using already or have on hand..

I give my cat a probiotic, Miralax 1/4 teaspoon twice a day for constipation, this can be bought over the counter here..The vet said it was fine to give and that there were no side effects except her stool could become too loose and if that happened to cut back a little on the miralax. I also give her as of recently b12 in METHYLCOBALAMIN for, sublingual, I crush it up in her food once a day, 1/4 of the 1mg.. This helps with constipation also and some cats with renal problems .
She also gets ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE, I had it compounded into a capsule and I mix it in her food twice a day, 2 hours prior to others meds or two hours after, this was prescribed by the vet to filter out excess phosphorus that is bad for kidney cats..Aluminum hydroxide is actually an anti acid that you can buy over the counter here, it usually also contains Magnesium Chloride, I believe..

I can not tell you what to give but only what I am now giving my cat who has elevated bun and creatine levels and suffers from constipation...For just kidneys, the probiotic would be beneficial, also the fish oil as it also helps to reduce inflammation, helps with constipation, good for skin, coat.. You can ask your vet about the aluminum hydroxide ..

Hope this helps a little..
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You can do alot of reading on TRANSITIONING TO CANNED FOOD on this website, Dr. Pierson has tons of good advice and is by this I was finally successful.
click on 'transitioning feline dry food addicts to canned food'
good luck.
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Yes, I will ask the vet about aluminium hydroxyde, but not sure he knows because we never tried it.

I just bought Katalax for constipation because here I only have something with paraffin. And it has cod liver oil too.

Do you think Renalzin, that I only can order online too, could replace Aluminium Hydroxyde or is it too strong?

I stopped after 4days Fortekor, because she had no more energy. People think it was because of constipation, but today where she also was constipated, she had a lot of energy for her age, that means she did a little thing like playing a few seconds and no lying in the litter. And Fortekor has an hypotension effect.

I'm giving her Epakitin (Ipakitin), but I'm not sure if it is usefull. She doesn't like it.

In France they do not use to make complete blood test, next month I'm going to ask it very specifically. I have 3 blood tests from this year and indeed CREA is getting high.

I really want to have your opinion about Renalzin since Azodyl seems not to be known.
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I'm thinking about Renal KS 120 Capsules, but I did not found no comment. So what do you think about it ? Did anyone use it ? Is there side effects on your cat ?

RENAL KS® is specifically formulated for renal disease and contains the highest quality of Co-Enzyme Q10, which acts as an important antioxidant and removes harmful substances from the body. Vitamin B12 (pyridoxine) plus choline and Inositol (IP6) to reduce fluid retention. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, which acidifies the urine, boosts immune function and aids in healing.

Each capsule contains 10MG of Co-Enzyme, 225MG Calcium, Magnesium Succinate 240MG, Zinc 25MG, Choline 21MG, Ascorbic Acid 20MG, Insoitol 20MG, L-Methionine 10MG, Magnesium Stearate 10MG, Silica 10MG, Acidophilus 4MG, Citrus Bioflavanoids 3.2MG, Vitamin B12 2.5MG, Copper 2.3MG, Cellulose 35MG

Or is there any food I could cook to have one of these antioxidants? I'm keeping Royal Canin Renal Special because the pack is full.
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Renal KS sounds like it would be ok. Since I posted about the Aluminum Hydroxide , I am holding it for my cat because of her constipation issue and read that it can indeed cause constipation..however the Renal KS lists constipation and /or diarrhea also as a potential side effect.
Here are some wonderful websites to research and I would like you to check out articles on RENAFOOD by Standard Process, I have purchased some and will be giving this to my cat and also VITAMINERAL GREEN, which I am waiting on to be delivered.

Tanya's UK feline chronic renal failure/holistic methods is a great website, Pethealth.abeautifulurn.com/herbal-cures-crf and www.littlebigcat.com/index.php?action=library&act..These have information on CRF, also have information on the supplements that I listed above.

At this present moment my cat has started back drinking excessively, this started again two days ago, 6 days after a 20 day course of Amoxicillin..She was retested after the last round of 10 more days and everything was back to normal (White blood cell , etc..) of course not her bun or creatine levels..
So, I too am having a difficult time as to what to do, I guess call vet and ask if Sub Q fluids would help, if this may stop her excessive drinking, or is she still fighting something that the antibiotic did not fully eradicate..Can't figure that one out because the bloodwork indicated that the infection (or what ever it was ) was gone..
However, The vitamineral Green is the one I myself am most interested in, it is plant based, non toxic, organic, helps with kidney function, constipation, loaded with natural B vitamins, which is good because my cat's red blood cell count was a tad low .

As far as the Renal KS , no, I have not used it before and really have no feedback on this particular product.

My plan is to get my cat on vitamineral green, 1/8 tsp twice a day, the renafood, plus get her some Icelandic Unscented Salmon oil and hold the aluminum hydroxide for the moment since her phosphorus levels are not high and still well within the normal range.
I also give her Miralax (polyethylene glycol 3350) for constipation, it can be purchased over the counter at a local drugstore or even Walmart, I give her 1/4 tsp twice a day, it is safe for CRF cats but you need to make sure your cat is drinking adequately because it does draw water into the bowels, that is the purpose of this laxative so they can have a painless bowel movement..It has been a life saver for my cat but since she started that antibiotic she became constipated..I know most people will say that the antibiotic shouldn't do this but my vet said it could go either way, constipation or diarrhea..

Good luck
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I didn't bought renal ks because I find that it's too strong for a cat but I liked the idea of vitamin C inside. So I looked for a renal cat food with vitamin C. Renal k/d has vitamin C, but I bought some german renal cat food, Happy Cat... I thought it had vitamin C but there isn't:

vitamine A (25 000 UI/kg), vitamine D3 (1 900 UI/kg), vitamine E (150 mg/kg), vitamine B1 (6 mg/kg), vitamine B2 (6 mg/kg), acide pantothénique (12 mg/kg), niacine (50 mg/kg), vitamine B6 (4 mg/kg), vitamine B12 (100 µg/kg), biotine (1 100 µg/kg), fer (120 mg/kg), cuivre (12 mg/kg), manganèse (30 mg/kg), zinc (150 mg/kg), iode (2 mg/kg), sélénium (0,15 mg/kg), taurine (1 400 mg/kg).  And only 0,35mg of phosphorus.

I also bought her a lot of Sheba chicken with slices, it is the only wet food she likes. But I'm not allowing her to have fish.

I'm not with her now, because I traveled, but my mother has the food.

I'm thinking seriously about probiotics. Looked at Fortiflora but I'm afraid because she has little constipation. She's like me. The problem is not that it is too dry, it is just dry at beginning, the problem is that it is large so it doesn't get out easy anymore, since several months. I already bought Katalax wich has cod liver oil.

What do you advise ?

Names I found on the net:
* Canivida cat and dog
- DHEA : 10 mg (is it harmfull for cats?)
- Silicium organique : 5 mg
- Flore probiotique : 10 mg
- Omega 3 : 10 mg
* Pribiavi cats:
- mixture of 9 strains of probiotics (not very clear)
* Intesyl
- Lactobacillus acidophilus souche LB

This Vitamineral™ Green seems it is for humans ?
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Hi Francoise, I'm not sure if DonnaYav is still monitoring this forum,  I hope she see's your questions and gets back to you, she has alot of knowledge on CRF...You could possibly try sending her a 'private message'..go to her profile page and in the upper right hand you'll see where to click on messages.

I'm sorry I know very little to even begin to answer your questions, I can recommend some reading for you tho, if that helps any?


you can also go to the site.

One of your questions about Glucosamine/Chonrodin supplements and the safest brands for cats I can give you the answer to that. these are the products that are recommended.
-NOW Foods-Glucosamine Sulfate OR
-NATURAL FACTORS-MSM joint formula capsules with Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM

acute stage 500mg day than reduce down to 125mg for long term use.

Sorry I can't offer you any advice on Renal KS, Vitamineral or Renalzin I'm not familiar with these at all.
Please keep us posted on how your kitty is doing, we are all worried parents here.
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Hello, I now have her detailed new blood analysis.

She has Kidney problem not because of Phosphorus but because she is old. So I think I'd better give her the best food I can find.

Here I have Happy Cat renal (german food from Zooplus), but I am thinking about buying when the month changes Renal K/D wich is the best because it has vitamin C but not what they like the most.

And the doctor said: avoid the proteins from the wet, so no more Sheba chicken.

So I give you her new values:

Urea 0,774 g/L (high, max is 0,756)
Crea 26,8 mg/L (high, max is 24)
Phos 44,47 mg/L (ok, max is 75)
Ca 102 mg/L (ok, max is 113)
TP 76 mg/L (ok, max is 89)
ALT 51 U/L (ok, max is 130)
ALKP 37 U/L (ok, max is 111)
GLU 1,18 g/L (ok, max is 1,59)
Na 166 mmol/L (high, max is 165)
Cl 126 mmol/L (ok, max is 129)
K 4,9 mmol/L (ok, max is 5,8)

I also had command probiavi feline but the doctor said there might be protein in probiotics, tooth brush and tooth paste but my family is afraid it could be toxic since cats don't know how to spit, and renalzin, doctor said I could give it to her with fortekor 1 morning and 1 night, but since she is not having phosphorus problems, I think it's better to focus on food quality, because it could have side effects if she takes it when no phosphorus problem.

So what would you do ?
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I'm just asking a paying question, if you want to see it and comment as users, feel free. Thanks.


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