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Howl-O-Ween Cat photos Slideshow

MH is proposing to do a slideshow of our cats in costume for an upcoming October newsletter...

If members are interested in having their cats highlighted in this slideshow, dress up your kitty and post their photo on the Cat community...

add the following:

-PETS NAME and a short blurb if you like

post this starting about mid-September with the cutoff being October 24th.

should be fun, what do you all think?
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Can I submit pictures of my bloody arms from trying to dress the cat up?
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hhahaahah thats what I thought lol no my tweety wouldnt scratch but she would out up a struggle trying to hold her . I am going to have a practise run see what happens
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Loreena would accept but I'm still without a digital camera :-)
I only bought a new digital termometer - for her... Just in case, hope it make our life easier next time i need it!
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I wish Stardust would let me put clothes on her, but I don't think she will.  I am going to try though.
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