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I Love My Cat

I just got out of the shower and there she was. Just sitting patiently waiting to see me again.
I don't know how I got so lucky. She's the most devoted well mannered playful and best cat there has ever been!
What endearing things do your kitty's do ?  Maxy
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Missy Teia loves to get into the shower after we are finished to lick water.

Buff and Cooper like me to run some water for them, too.

Teia is beginning to get used to them, even keeps eating when Buff lays down near her, so long as he's at least a foot or two away.  Cooper is fascinated by her, likes to sneak up and sniff her flank when she is sleeping.

She does bop them when too close, but keeps her claws in.
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,Hi CR,

I just love to read posts like yours.

I know most of us on this forum are crazy in love with our kits!

Would be the Perfect world if every human had a kit of their own to experience the magic of loving these creatures, and no need for Rescues.

From the day I first laid eyes on my Meezy she has been the joy of my life .Always with me or waiting for me. She grooms me as much as I groom her. Never jumps on the furniture, counters, is always gracious at the vets--they love her mellow personality. I have no children (human) but my Meezy is every bit my daughter--we know all the "looks and sounds" that make us

My Mother and I were like ONE. Dad dies when I was 6. When mom went through three years of cancer care and I watched her lose a little of herself each day....well when she passed I have to say I wanted to go with her.

Meezy saved my life and I saved hers. We are now ONE. She gave me something to love and live for----even my husband could not get me out of my dark space. It took a little 8lb special needs kitty to allow me to feel again.

Yes, I can not say enough about  my little girl--I am blessed. I am sure there are many stories out there just like this.

These creatures are magical!

Enjoy the Love!

Life is beautiful because she is with me
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Oh I loved both yr stories and the love you share with yr kitties. They indeed are such special little beings that bring so much love, companionship and meaning into our lives.
I know my own life would lack purpose without my fur kids.....yes CML, they are every bit as important as our human children
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Loreena is like  Meezy. The best cat ever!!
Not having a humane kid of my own was an option - I never wanted one -but I always wanted a cat :-)
We ( you and me) are really blessed people, for having "special cats " near us.
All cats are angels, but some are even more away in their evolutionary process.People say they already could be returning to live on Earth as another species but they chose to be cats to keep helping us.
Love my 3 cats, but Lolo is singular in each small detail...
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That is such a wonderful belief-- spirits coming back as cats to help us. I swear my mom is in Meezy somewhere.

I love hearing how much people love and need their animals I never wanted children either--what's up with that, huh? Well , in my case I am a recovering alcoholic and couldn't see passing those genes onto an innocent child.

I think there is always ONE cat (Lolo) that grabs at your heart more.
Viva Le Lolo!!
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Funny. I raised my 2. 1/2 brothers but don't have my own kids either. Husband said when we married that no kids no cats no dogs. He said he didn't want to work for Chevron another 20 years for no kid.
  Ha ha. 20 yrs later. One dog. One marvelous cat and he still works for Chevron. All the way in China too. Good thing I got the cat and dog to keep me company!  
Good to hear your kitty love & spirit stories. I wouldn't mind coming back as a cat. Ha. Maxy
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I feel in love with Jade the moment I laid eyes on her.  Neighbors brought my angel when they moved into the rental next door.  I was way out back when I heard distant meowing.  I get to the side of the house where the back door is, and there she was looking at me with her big green eyes.  I picked her right up while ignoring the fact she stunk to high heaven (poor girl was so sick).  From that moment on she stayed in our backyard only going home to eat (her owners did not feed or give water consistently).  My husband and I let that go on about 2mos (we didn't want to steal her right off, as we wouldn't appreciate someone doing that to us) before we began to feed her, and get her medical attention.  

Jade never jumped on the furniture or counters either (well, except for my chair which she was allowed).  Even though she loved to be pet and loved on endlessly, it took her years to actually touch us herself.  Eventually she began grooming my husband; giving little head butts (so thrilled when she did it the first time!),but it took her a while to touch ME.  Oddly, and to the day she passed, she never brushed against our legs like normal cats do.  

She was always sweet, easy going and loving.  Her sweet looks could fool you though as she could be surprisingly ferocious if another cat was in the yard that she didn't approve of.  Like your Meezy, CML, everyone at the Vet adored Jade, too.  She was always a good patient.

As many of you know, she was ill with one thing or another the entire 8½ yrs we had her.  First Worms, then Cryptococcus, Cancer, IBD, and finally HyperT.  It was a Privilege to care for her.  Except for the last yr of her life, she was relatively easy to medicate.  Like she knew we were only trying to make her feel better.  It's coming up on 4mos since she passed.  I loved Jade more than any kitty I've ever had.  She was 'my girl', and I miss her every single day.  

I think it's fascinating none of us on this thread expect Opus, have kids.  I never wanted them either.  And again, like CML, I never wanted children for much the same reason.  Off the top of my head, I can think of 2 other members on this forum who are friends who also don't have kids by choice.  Weird.  

Thanks for staring this thread, Maxy.  Sorry this is so long.  I got carried away.  :)  
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So now I'm crying my eyes out  thinking of you and your magical Jade.

we are all so honored to be loved by these special beings. I think they are with us to show us "Pure" love--the kind you can depend on unconditionally!

That's why I need to be around people who understand this,or I would be institutionalized, LOL!

I so hope you find another Magical "Jade"....actually I KNOW you will when she feels the time is right!

Best wishes,
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I hope so, too.  I don't really see it happening in the near future though.  Although you never know. :)

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Mother.  Reading your words, I cried for you.  What a special relationship you two had.  One that most daughters dream of.  

Love and Hugs...xo
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how observant of you Jade....yes I am one of the few with human children!! sometimes I think I too should have stayed with only cats...lol. they still give us the opportunity to use our motherly instincts w/o all the bs. and they love us 'unconditionally'. a privilege to have any cat, but especially a privilege to have that one special one enter our lives no matter how short a time..
CML....we all envy your relationship with your dear mom, not only do daughters dream of such a union, but us mothers do as well...♥
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I remember seeing Snickers the first time at my dad's house.  My brother and i thought my parents had lost their marbles.  They wanted to be kid and pet free as they traveled during the winter and all.  Well here was this big boy who greeted us at the door, chased the dog, stole straws, hid moths, ambushed the dogs, dipped his foot in glasses of milk when noone was looking, jumped on counters after numerous attempts at taking him off and telling him no.  If you pointed your finger at him he bopped you with his paw.  Looking at a newspaper was pointless as he liked to lay on it.  He was full of attitude and he knew we worked for him.  I had never had a cat but was drawn to him from the very start.  His momma was a calico, his sisters both black and gray in color.  He was a tabby so he started out by standing out!!  When my dad got sick with brain cancer and the end was near he wanted to make sure i would take care of his pets.  There was no question in my mind that i would.  I took Snickers in, my aunt took the dog(she had a bird and didnt think the cat and bird would get along!)  He was sacred in this household and he knew that too.  He was so loved by everyone, especially me.  We spent 6 wonderful years together before he got sick with liver cancer.  I still miss him everyday.  There are times at night when it is quiet and i swear i see him peeking around the refrig like he used to do.  Sometimes i can hear his feet running across the linoleum.  I remember one night when i heard a noise at the computer desk, i knew it was him, the dogs did too as noone else was up.  He was my boy and a wonderful companion who filled my life with such joy  I am sure the Rainbow Bridge has never been the same since he joined!!!!  And now i am going to sit here and cry~
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I forgot to mention that i had kids, the 2 legged ones, both girls.  The one has 2 cats, 2 dogs and the other 1 has 1 cat.  She posts occasionally on this forum.

Sorry opus for stealing your thunder!!!!!!!!!!  lol
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There's enough thunder to share Sara..lol
My Opus was very much like your Snickers....he too had tons of catatude...and was such a special boy, how those 'special' ones grab our hearts and never let go, gone but never forgotten :)
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Loreena , the sensitive.
I've got some big scratches in the arms and a greatly rippled t- shirt at the adoption fair this Saturday.
No, the cat was not feral - and we was just taken him outside the car for some pics,cos their persons could not (dont wanted??) stay there
I was afraid the idiot  (=owner) that was with him would let him run and not even noticed the damages til someone tell about...
Dont worry about me - Im not paranoic about illness and the only fear I take one was about the cat being dumped somewhere, cos he was good boy, just fearful.I fear his humanes, not the cat...
Back to the point - How Loreena's fit in this story:
She was over a box I wanted to open yesterday night.I needed her out.She decided for playing fight with me.
My first though was " if she grab my arms even carefully, thing will open and bleed again ( no,it was not need meds,docs or stitches) but OK.
She noticed the scars in development,take some time watching and run away.Sort of " mom is hurt - better dont bite her..." :-)
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