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I think my cat is swollen with anal discharge

I have a cat, she is almost 12 years old, but she isn't like all other cats.
Brief Background:
Her mother was a stray we took home, who gave birth to a litter of kittens, 2 of which were still born, two were healthy, and the fifth we assumed dead. The fifth kitten actually was deeply deformed, her tail never formed, and remains to this day curled inward slighted and had calcified. We fed her through a pipette( forced really, she never developed the sucking reflex), her eyes opened months after the other kittens, and she learned to walk and run late as well. She is only about a foot long, and her ratio if feet to body is off, she walks funny.
Up until recently she has been a happy, playful cat;she ate well, played with her toys and other cats, jumped, purred, and did all the things your average cat does. Now, she still eats, runs around a bit, but her lower stomach is swollen, and she has discharge from her anus, and emits a HORRIBLE smell. The other cats are fine, and have not been affected, but she just lays about, and when we wash her she purrs and the moment we get to her hind quaters she hisses and cries. She'll deflate a bit after the bath, but then she goes back to being stinky and swollen.This has been going on for a few years, but her condition has changed from being sporadic to permanent.
I'm not a doctor, but I think she might have anal sacs disease. I'm guessing she doesn't scoot or wash herself too often because of her tail deformity, but she'll usually try to keep her behind off the floor or lay on her side. We can't take her to a vet, because we don't have the money now, really we don't have money to take ourselves to the doctor. Can someone please help?
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keep a watch on her....that dang antib injection is convenia..many bad reactions to that drug!!!!
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My cat recently came down with this. We took her to the vet today. He recommended to keep using a warm wash cloth to wipe her and he also gave us some medicated wipes to use twice a day. Because our cat is super stressed at the vet office they decided to inject her antibiotics so she doesnt get a infection. The visit cost $24. The wipes cost $13 for 50. And the injection cost $48. U might be able to call and just get some wipes....hope that helps.
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Hi it is me again. How is your kitty.?  I found this product on the website below. It clears out the anal glands. This is a herbal site so no exspensive vet. I hope all is okay. Can you please let me know if your kitty is okay ?

Thanks Glow

AnalGlandz, PetAlive, 50 ml
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You can get this at www.petherbsdirect.com
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Glow....please don't use any parasite medication that isn't prescribed by a Vet....these medications are very strong and could cause problems if buying from sources other than a Vet....caution always with any source of pet or human meds...!!!!!

I'm glad you are seeking out help with the Vet bills, there are many links to try on that above posting...good luck.
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I am sorry to hear about your kitty. There is something that is for parasites that is supposed to be natural and it costs about 13.00 dollars it is called Cats Verm X I do not know if this will help but someone just posted on this forum about companies paying for your cat care esecially if it is an emergency. I just applied for my kitty. Pleaes keep me posted.

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She needs to see a vet, call some of the vets to ask if they can donate an exam or something.  It could be a serious infection by this point.  You coudl even call the SPCA and ask if there are vets to donate services for people with financial problem who have pets who need care.
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you've done a wonderful job of keeping and raising this unfortunate little girl....I absolutely agree with the anal sac problem, I am sending you a website with some info....I hope you can find away to get her some help...many Vets will take payments, this office visit wouldn't be that expensive(under $100) but I do know when money is tight $100 may as well be a thousand...I sympathize.


at the top of this forum is also a list of ways to get help with Vet costs.....good luck to you and kitty and please keep us updated...♥
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