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Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats

My cat was diagnosed with IBD.  This is the second one we have had with that disease.  He is on steroids, and has been eating Natural Balance Salmon and Pea, grain free food for probably two years.  I am wondering if there is a more beneficial food I should be feeding him, or would changing food only make the symptoms worse?
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Hi my oldest is 15 and this summer began symptomatic diarrhea though not officially diagnosed. If your on FB there’s an excellent site called IBDkitties on there they give many diet choices to try. In Sami’s case I’ve recently been very successful with Stella and Chewys freeze dried raw. But it’s very expensive so now that he’s doing so much better next week I’m going to try mixing it with another recommended canned food. I’ve also got him on 5 billion spu of the probiotic S.Bourdlii
I've heard raw is good for IBD but have been hesitant to try because the other cats will swarm Harley to get his food.  Hes on fortiflora probiotics now, but that doesn't seem to be doing much good.  I'm going to check out yours instead  Thanks
What about feeding Harley separately?  Like in another room with the door shut.  Worth a try?  I just know Opus has had very good luck with the raw.  

Wishing you the best, Linda~
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Sorry got the spelling wrong on the probiotic, here’s some info on it.. works wonders
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Found out from the site I mentioned, fortiflora contains animal digests that can actually make diarrhea worse... tried to do a screenshot of that conversation but unable to post it here. S. Boulardii highly recommended
I checked out that site, and did see the comment about fortiflora.  Where do you get the S.Boulardii you use, Amazon?
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I’ve never checked Amazon I got mine from a local health food store where they sell supplements, they are in capsules and since it contains live bacteria it needs to be kept in the fridge so not thinking mail order would be good idea
Do pet stores carry it, or just human health food stores?
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This is a human supplement. Mine comes in 10 billion spu I open the capsules and sprinkle out 1/4 2x’s per day either mixed into the food or mix with tiny amount of water and give via a dropper.
This helped the diarrhea but not 100%, what really made a huge difference is the freeze dried raw food. Very expensive though, so now that his diarrhea is gone I’ve been mixing with a bit of regular can food, so far so good. Good luck to your kitty too
I checked out our local supplement store, and Amazon.  Neither have it.,
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