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Is a blood streak in eye serious?

I noticed the other day that my soon-to-be 16 year old cat had what looks like a streak of blood in the lower part of his right eye. I have no idea what caused it, but since I don't watch him all day he could have been playing or fighting with the other cat. He doesn't seem to be in pain and obviously can see fine. I wanted to know if this will go away on its own without having to make an expensive trip to the vet.

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Yes, blood in the eye can be serious.  This most definitely needs a vet visit quickly.  My senior kitty, I think she was 15 or 16 yrs old, had blood in her eye.  I found out she had high blood pressure, which caused the eye hemorrhage.  She was put on blood pressure pills to prevent her from going blind.  She went blind in one eye.  The blood pressure pills can prevent your cat from going blind.  Also, high blood pressure can also damage the kidneys and other organs.  So, I wouldn't wait to go to the vet.  I would go ASAP.

Good luck.
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I second zodia's advice, 10 years ago my Opus also had high b/p and hemorrhaged in the one eye, by the time it was correctly diagnosed the eye had been too badly damaged and needed to be removed. Get your kitty to a Vet ASAP this can be easily treated with medication before the damage is done
Called vet. Appt on Thursday PM.
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good job, make sure the Vet has the ability to measure blood pressure, not every clinic has a cuff that size and thats what needs to be done, or a referral to a specialist!!! keep us posted okay. good luck
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Well, I'm kinda stuck going to a small animal local vet clinic, unless I want to make a close to 100 mile round trip to another vet which would probably traumatize the cat more. However, if I can get back online, I'll let you know what she says.
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yes that is a broken blood vessel and very likely due to high blood pressure like was talked about, hope your Vet can diagnosis properly....good luck kitty. btw I had to travel 600 miles round trip to get my Opus diagnosed and treated...the meds are very inexpensive though, if thats whats required. fingers crossed
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Hi De,

I think you said you have an appointment this afternoon (Thurs).

That is perfectly ok to have a "Hometown Vet" take a look, he will know if a specialist is warranted. Chances are you will have an answer when you leave his office today..........so please let us know how you make out, K?

Good Luck,
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WOW!!!!  What a great Mom. Very Impressed!!!
Your babies are a lucky little group of kitties to have you so devoted.
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I wasted 90 minuted and $75. All the vet said was that Gus didn't have a blood clot and to keep an eye on it (no pun intended). I sent her the photo, but by the time I had the appointment, the streak looked like it had partially absorbed. She didn't seem to think it was serious. No mention of blood pressure.
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Don't think of it like a waste of time.....you now have some peace of mind knowing you vet does not think it is serious.  Since it has reabsorbed (so to speak) maybe it was just something that caused an irritation.  

You may want to speak to a specialist and send him that photo of the eye when it first happened and another of what it looks like now. I know they are a distance away, but perhaps they can ease your mind with a phone and email consult of the eye.

Just a thought. Happy to hear the eye is better. Let us hope it is Nothing to worry about --It would have been good if you asked them to take the blood pressure, just as a precaution.

Good luck,
For real peace of mind, it's important that you get a blood pressure taken. I still think this is a blood pressure issue that caused bleeding in the eye. Maybe your vet doesn't have the equipment to do a bp reading. Not all of them do.

I'd call the vet and ask about getting a bp reading. It's better to be safe, than sorry. The bp meds are very inexpensive and you'll be preventing blindness and kidney issues.
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