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Is it safe to remove the cone???

So my cat scrapps just had surgery on the 7th of january. She had a bit bigger incision as the vet found that my cat had muchometra so the incision was a bit bigger. It has been about eight days now and her appetite and her behavior is basically back to normal. I am just wondering when it would be safe to allow her to take of the cone? My vet says 10 days which I will wait but her scab is pretty big and stitches are still showing. When I take off her cone she bites and licks at her wound which is probably itchy for her. I just don't want it to get infected and cause any other damage.I am giving her antibiotics as well..When is it safe? It's killing me that she keeps licking her cone and trying to itch herself and can't...I try to get most spots for her...is it safe to clean her myself? What can I do?
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If she is still biting at the incision or trying to pull out the stitches, you may need to use the cone until the stitches come out.  Occasional licking at it as in normal grooming most likely isn't a problem at this point.  You might ask your vet about using an anti itch ointment on the incision.
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Please keep that cone on her, especially since you said she's messing w/ it and biting it.  I agree w/ Nancy that the cone should stay on until she sees the vet!
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Thanks all for your comments. @nancyjac: I was so afraid to even watch her lick herself because her tongue was rough but I decided to watch to see exactly what she was doing based on your comment(grooming or biting). Turns out she was grooming and cleaned up really well after I cut the long strings shorter, just in case. I keep the cone on when I can't watch her still. Her last day for the cone was today. Thanks so much guys..ooh I love my kitty lol.
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Glad to hear it is working out well.  Just keep an eye on the incision to make sure it doesn't get red or puffy from her licking.  At this point though it has probably healed enough that it shouldn't and it is pretty naturally for her to want to groom that area just like any place else.
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