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Is my cat eating litter?

I am starting to get a bit worried about this. His litter box, water and food bowls are in the bathroom. The water bowl is far from the litter box, very far from it actually. Still there is always litter in the water. My question is other than carrying the litter in his mouth how else could the litter get to the water? Is he trying to clean his paws in his water bowl? I've also noticed he likes to place certain toys in the water. When he was younger I used to put ice in his water because he'd stare at it for as long as the ice was still floating on the surface. It was a way for me to stop him from being a kitten if you know what I mean. He'd find the ice so interesting he'd just stay there and look at it.
Do you think he puts his toys in the water to just stare at them? It's only his little colored mice. He's never tried putting plastic toys in the water for some reason.
But what I'm really concerned about is him eating the litter. Should I take my cat to a vet? He acts normal. He has become more mellow and loving now that he is almost a year old and he is a noble soul. Have you had this experience? I intend to take him to the vet ASAP to get him checked. Thanks in advance for your input. Please help me. A cat eating his litter is life threatening.
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I found this article that may help if he is indeed eating the litter. As for the toys in the water, I wouldn't be too concerned. Mine love to drop toys in theirs as well as the commode, lol. They like to watch the toilet flush as well. I think being inside all of the time they tend to get bored and make up fun litttle games. Lars, my 6 y/o puts all of his toys that have faces next to his food bowl so he doesn't have to eat alone, lol. HTH

There are many reasons why your cat or kitten could be eating kitty litter and all but one has to do with the health of your pet. The most likely reason that your cat might be eating kitty litter is the result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency which the cat tries to compensate with the minerals found in the clay of the kitty litter. This can be a very serious problem that should not be taken lightly.

If you use the clumping type of kitty litter and find your cat eating it you should discard it immediately. You will need to prevent your cat from ingesting this type of kitty litter because it may cause serious digestive problems and blockages.

The only exception to a sign of illness when a feline begins eating kitty litter is in the case of a kitten. A kitten that is eating kitty litter may not necessarily be ill. Kittens are very curious and will eat anything - much like a human infant will. When you have a kitten, you will need to kitten proof your home which includes preventing him or her from eating kitty litter. Although you obviously cannot remove the litter box, be sure to not use clumping litter until your cat has learned not to put kitty litter in his mouth.

As for adult cats and kittens that are not just being kittens, eating kitty litter is a common symptom of anemia. Anemia is a medical condition where there is an insufficient number or volume of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body. The most visible sign of anemia in a cat or kitten other than eating kitty litter is paleness. You can check to see if your cat is pale by lifting her lips and looking at her gums. Normally the cat’s gums will be a healthy pink color. It’s important to note that some cats have very dark pigment in their gums which is normal. If your cat’s gums are white or bluish when they should otherwise be pink, your cat is exhibiting signs of paleness and should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Unfortunately anemia in cats is often, but not always, itself a symptom of a more serious illness. Anemia in cats may possibly be the result of underlying diseases such as feline leukemia (FeLV), feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), kidney failure, abscesses and cancer. Without the expertise of a veterinarian you will not be able to determine whether your cat is anemic, suffering from a disease or just has a quirky personality. When cats become ill, they become ill really fast so if your cat has begun eating kitty litter have her checked out by a veterinarian right away.
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Did you ever notice how litter gets stuck in the pads of a cat?
Is it possible that your cat is dipping his paw(s) in the water and the "stuck" litter is releasing into the bowl?
Perhaps another brand like feline pine or similar will help in the short term.
Good luck!
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A lot of cats swipe the surface of their water with their paw before drinking.   So you're problem could be caused by that.  If I were you  I would move the water dish to a more common area for awhile to better be able to observe his drinking habits.  Also, if this is what is going on the walk to the new location will give the litter some time to fall out of his paws.  You could also put a mat in front of the litter box to help the litter fall out of his paws as he exits the loo.
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Thanks everybody. All the info was very helpful. I did check on his hums. They are perfectly pink so maybe, just maybe he is doing what marissposa says: he has been swiping the surface with his paws. I have noticed how litter gets stuck in his "feet". I myself sometimes get rid of the litter in his paws. I guess, kathyjo, I had never thought of that.
I will put his water bowl some place else. I have started watching him when I'm home. So far he just goes in the litter box like a normal cat would do. When he is done covering his waste he just jumps out and starts grooming himself. I will keep a close watch on this but I'll take him with his vet for some blood tests to make sure my cat is 100% safe.

Thanks for your input. It was very helpful.
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