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Is this lump in my kittens belly a floating rib?

My lovely little Siamese kitten has this weird lump in his belly. Its just below the middle of his rib’s & it pops back in so you can’t feel it. I have heard about “floating ribs” but just wanted to make sure that it is that.
It doesn’t cause him any pain & has perfect health...
Please someone let me know what they think?
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I have a floating rib I know its not the same but it does EXACTLY as you are describing of what is happening to your cat..
Personally If it is not causing him any pain or anything and he is eating and running around as normal and everything is fine, then it is fine. But if you want to, you can have a vet check him out!
Btw I think that is the best photo in the world! :)

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Hi Casandra and Smels,

Just wanted to let both of you know that floating ribs are NOT a sign of some disease condition, it is part of healthy normal body.  Everyone's body contains floating ribs.  Read more about it here:


Smels, your siamese is soooooo damn cute!  =)  Love the pic!  In my opinion, that lump could be a possible hernia.  I am not sure and am not a doctor, but just to be on the safe side, I would get him checked by the vet.

Please, let us know how things go!

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Yeh I know, I might be having mine removed though because It clicks then I cant breathe and its still growing.. so yeah,.. I cant run or nothing and everything like that. So I might be having mine removed because it hurts. I can put it underneath all my other ribs and click it out again...

But get your kitty checked ot by the vet

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Oh thank you... He is so cute, I'm very proud of him.! I have two Siamese!! I will take him to the vet just to double check. But he is so happy & runs away like a mad cat.. So I'm pretty sure he's fine..!!
I will keep you both updated.!! Oh & while I'm here, when I bought him the breeder say he's a "lilac point" but I'm not sure.. What do you think?
:-) xx
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I have NO clue about breeds of Cats. I know there is Long Hair, Short Hair and Siameeeeeeeese. LOL.
The Vet might be able to tell you. Im not too sure. Sorry!

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He is absolutely adorable!!  How did you ever get that shot???
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He always rolls on his back & lets you rub his belly... He put his paws up so I tucked them behind his ears & he was like that for ages..!! I'll post more pic's of him & my order cat xx
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Sorry just read over that and meant to say other cat hahaha!!! Uploaded check them out.x
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