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It is gross!

This is gross but my cat is about 2 1/2 to 3 years. Ever since I got him he has had horribly stinky poo. Plus it has a;ways been mushy. Is that cause he is still young. He also has always been a nervous cat. I am not kidding he stinks up the entire basement where the litter box is. To add to the wonderful smell he doesn't cover it up either. Does any one know why it's like that. Thanks!!
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hi...is you're kitty got really loose stools? could be IBS since you say there is a nervousness issue...my ragdoll was like that and I tried everything for her, food changes, prednisone, pills for her nervousness...nothing worked. she is gone now and I have since been reading prettykitty1 posts her kitty is the same and she has had great success with a raw food diet. read her posts or contact her..this may help???
have you tried different cat foods?
If its not IBS it could be just a food allergy to whatever he is eating.
good luck, hope someone can give more advice.
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Opus is right. IBS cats are very nervous. It is a great thing what you are doing. Seeking help for your cat. It is not his fault that he has smelly stools and makes a mess around the litter box. How does the stool look? Is it dark?

You might want to take him to the vet. It could be parasites. It could also be the food you are providing him. What are you feeding him?

And always remember that..the vet is the first thing to think of usually, because I'd say 80% of the time when something is wrong with our pets is because we are probably making a mistake without knowing about it.

Good Luck.
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It is not dark. It is just soft not really loose. He has a lot at one time. It has been that way since we got him from the vet. I feed him Purina Indoor dry cat food. My older cat eats it too but she is 12 years & has hard poo.
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I'm glad you got back to us. You said he has been this way since you got him from the vet? Was he sick or did you adopt him at the vet's? Loose stools can be caused by many factors, medication and diet change being the most frequent ones along with parasites. I'd say it's either meds related or diet.

I think it's time to feed your cat probiotics and digestive enzymes..you know, help out the poor guy a little. You should also switch both cats to canned foods preferably. Some people claim canned foods give them diarrhea, but getting high quality foods will never make your kitty's digestive system go bad.

Like I said, it might be the meds since he was at the vet, or even stress from being at the vet's. But it could also be food related.  Your other cat has adjusted well to Purina dry foods...but no two cats are the same.  Abby has food allergies. He is an IBD cat.. so he is on raw foods, which prevent him from having loose stools, chronic diarrhea and blood in it. Opus' kitties are also special needs kitties, and they need special diets. So yours might just be one of those who need extra nutrients, or perhaps some ingredients in the diet are making him sick. Purina has a lot of by-products and grains, corn, rice, and stuff kitties don't really benefit from, as obligate carnivores that they are. So I'd go with either Wellness, Nature' Variety, EVO, Wysong’s Au Jus Canned Meat, Merrick, Country Pet, Avoderm Select Cuts, or even Wysong’s Archetyp. These are all high quality, grain free diets. And yes, grain can cause loose stools.

By the way, did he stay at the vet's for over 24 hrs? If he did, the food at the vet could have also acted against kitty's tummy.  
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I adopted him about 2 years ago. September of 07 to be exact.Tucker (the cat were talking about) was like 8 months old when we got him. I just figured it was because he was young that his poo was that way.  He was on kitten food that I would add water to so it would be soft cause he had sore teeth. Other than that he has always been on Purina. I had another young cat before him which sadly passed away that always had poo that way too. My other cat (Joy) has been on Purina ever since she could eat hard food since we saw her being born. Once in a while I give them canned food but a vet a long ago told us that it gives them plaque & not to always feed them it. The vet had found him in the dumpster behind there building. I am not sure how long he has been there. Thanks!
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hi again...I agree with everything Prettykitty has advised.
I would like to send you a website for further info on pet foods, you do not necessarily need at this time to consider a raw diet, however there are much better commercial foods on the market...I have Sami on the raw diet d/t allergies, my other boy Nemo is on EVO (excellent grain free food)..he will not eat grains...his own preference.
Don't listen to what the Vet's tell you abt pet foods, they only know what 'their' suppliers tell them!!!.........also there is alot of evidence out there that dry food is NO MORE BENEFICIAL to prevent plaque than can foods.

when you go to this website, click on 'open letter' and that is excellent reading for all pet owners...good luck
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I feed my cat canned Wellness grain free.  I don't think I can do the raw diet just yet.  But, so far my cat is doing well with this formula.  AND, the good news, the bonus if you will, Akira lost weight without ever going hungry, because this food is a lot closer to what cats should be eating.  I am still leaving my options open to trying pre-made raw cat food.  There is a store not far from where I live that sells only good quality cat food, none of the commercial grocery store stuff.  Akira needed to lose a pound or two and now I can tell by looking at her that she is actually at her ideal weight.  And, she is healthy and happy.  What a big difference between now and when I first got her and when I first noticed her food allergy.  Now, she is back to herself.

In other words, I agree with opus88.  Vets are usually recommending the stuff their suppliers sell to them.  An honest vet will recognize that other pet food brands are just as good, if not better.
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Truthfully speaking..........dry foods are not good for cats, period. Old misconceptions and stereotypes along with convenience keep driving some vets to the constant yet absurd recommendation of these foods, and they even come up with ridiculous statements that dry foods clean teeth and prevent tartar.

I'm not saying vets want our cats to be sick so they can take our money. I'm saying some vets are misinformed, sadly, and others are just dishonest. You will, however, find vets that are very, very knowledgeable and honest and will tell you which foods are good. Purina isn't one of them. Now, I am not trying to jump on you and tell you what to do. But, if I were in your case and the loose stools were really bothering I would look for a way to stop it, starting with food, because, think about it...........your cat's digestive system isn't responding well to the diet.

Opus is right in everything she says. And Furballs........before trying the raw diet I was very hesitant and would always avoid the topic. My cat's illness and the vet's words that he would end up with cancer in the colon made me take action. I think Wellness is good food......but nothing beats the raw diet when it comes to IBD. It is great to see kitties doing well on high quality foods, like EVO and Wellness, because those are the foods I recommend when the pet's guardian cannot do the raw diet. And you are right..you need to be prepared before you start.....and careful. You do not want to damage your cat's system for lack of nutrients.

Opus provided a website that all of us should benefit from. It is my favorite website!
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hi kitty,
I did 'assume' that a prepared frozen 'raw diet' does have all the nutrients??
am I wrong?
If so what should I be adding?
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hi! i am just wondering if Hill's science diet kitten formula is good for kitties?
I personally think that it's a little too peppery ( i tasted one myself. :D) but my kitten seems quite fine with it.
In addition, i give my kitten kitzyme healthy cats vitamins every morning and top his food with some KMR milk formula every other day. Is there enough nutrients for my kitten?
I am a little worried for him since he was weaned early (he was a stray orphan kitten)
Is there anything that i need to do for him? (he seems a little skinny)
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to add on i do give him wet food occasionally.
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Hi Hon,

Frozen raw foods is what I give my kitties. I buy it from a farmer. Remember I told you about it? But, I buy the whole animal. If you are giving  your kitty the whole animal I'd say you're fine.
If you aren't. Like if the bones, heart and liver are missing then you might want to add multivitamins, raw heart which you may be able to get at your local supermarket (Chicken being the most popular) Liver is also popular at the supermarket. So you might want to also add salmon oil and digestive enzymes and probiotics, especially if kitty has digestive issues. If  you are buying the whole animal, bones and all, and serving it ground to the kitties then you're all set!
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