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Itching and twitching

My cat was hit by a car 2 weeks ago and treated for a broken jaw.  She has been on Medcam for the last 2 weeks. I took her off of it 2 days ago.  She has randomly been having spurts of twitching, excessive licking and biting to all parts of her body.  She was put under to have her jaw wired and was given a slow release morphine shot as well. Is this just her coming off the medications or should I be concerned?
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Hello.  I'm so sorry your kitty's in sich distress.

  I have questions:  Is "Medcam" the actual name on her medicine?  In what form is this med?  Why did you stop giving it to her? - not criticizing I just need to know.

  Please let me know and I'll do more research as fast as I can.

  Offhand I'd say your furry friend is miserable, poor thing, and you should call your vet asap.  



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Sorry it's Metacam. It's a liquid painkiller/ant inflammatory given with a syringe. She was to be on it for 7 days following the accident then as needed for pain. I kept her on for a week following as I felt she still needed it. However, I gradually lowered the dosage. She had the itchy spurts while she was on the medication, they just seem to be worse now. She isn't constantly having these attacks, but when she does it seems awful for her.

Also, she was given a 5 day slow release morphine shot for the pain the day of her accident.
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Hi cat...I want to share a link with you re: Metacam.  This med is an NSAID...which can be risky for kitties; very hard on their kidneys.  You want to use it as LITTLE as possible.  I would take your girl back to the vet to test her renal function, as itching can be a sign of a problem (please google for side effects).  


There is more to this article, however, this is the part that concerns me...

"The drug in both forms is FDA-approved for dogs – the oral form is more often used to treat the symptoms of canine osteoarthritis. The injectable was approved for one-time use only in cats to manage postoperative pain. The oral form was not approved for use in cats at all. However, veterinarians are allowed to use medications in an “extra label” or “off label” manner, meaning they can legally prescribe oral meloxicam for cats."

Please keep us updated, I hope all is well.  Certainly better safe than sorry right?    
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Hello again.

  I'm so thankful that Jade59 read your posting too.

  I agree with her completely.

  I would add that it's been long enough to have her re-checked all way 'round for the kidney function test for sure and to see if she's healing on target & not having trouble with the wiring, etc.

  You're being a good kitty owner and I hope your girl will be all right and get relief.  Please let us know.

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