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Jade...Good News!

Our Vet called and the biopsy for the ear tips did show Squamous Cell Carcinoma due to UV irradiation.  The Good News is the cancer was completely removed, the margins are clean and the prognosis is good.  I am so relieved!  

We went for our visit tonight and Jade is doing just Great!  Other than her looks, you'd never know she had been through a thing!   She's wandering the halls, everyone loves her and she's eating like the little piglet she is.  I bet she is in that cage only half the time other recovering pets are.  

She finally had a bowel movement early this morning and tech said it was Everywhere!  On her bum, feet, around the cone, all over the walls...poor kitty :(....poor tech lol.  The shirt and rug we brought were in the wash and of course, her mousie had to be thrown away.  I'm sure she feels lots better though since the last time she had a bm was last Sat!  Man, she held it alright!  

I've attached a pic of her new "look."  This pic of her is 72hrs post op.  

Phew!  Now is can relax a little...

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Poor baby, what a little trooper she is! We could all learn so much from our pets, couldn't we! You don't see animals get all vain like we would, lol. Animals just don't care! Like I said, we could learn a lot from animals!
She looks pretty darn good to me in that picture for just having had surgery like that. I'm so glad to hear she's doing so well!
I know you are relieved that this is over and it looks like you really did make the right decision. Always trust your instincts. I realized that with my kids. I'd always know when something was wrong and when they needed to be brought in to the hospital. I think it's the same with our pets. After all, they are our kids too!
I hope you can get some much needed rest now so that you can give her lots of love and attention once she gets home. I am sooo glad this is over for you all! Take care of yourselves and precious Jade.
Hugs and blessings,
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I'm so happy to see how good she looks!  And, I'm so relieved that you were able to stop the cancer from spreading - WOOHOO!!!  (Is it okay to say it's a WOOHOO moment now - LOL!!!!)

We do know when our furr babies are sick.  I remember when I first felt Daisy's lump, I immediately took her to the vet.  He checked it out and took blood work and everything was fine.  But, inside I knew something was wrong with her.  She would have days she didn't seem to feel good.  I would look at her and say, "you don't feel good do you sweetie."  Hubby would say, "Why?"  I would just tell him I could tell.  We get to know them so well.  

Anyway, I'm so happy that things are working out for you!  I agree with April, I hope you can get some well deserved rest now.  

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I will second Janet.................WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jade looks so dang cute!!!!!  She looks more innocent now!!  LOL
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Jade looks so healthy.  It's nice to see a victory over a potentially deadly foe.

Here's to kitty's swift healing; let the happycatness be fully restored!

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Hi All,

Yes, Definitely a WOOHOO moment now lol.  Vet spoke with us yesterday at our visit and said ears were healing well and Jade is doing Great!  Everyone is her "friend" there and when I call, I say "I'm calling about my cat, Jade" and the receptionist says, "Oh, you mean MY cat Jade" LOL!!  

Vet said we made a very good decision to go ahead with the surgery now rather than later.  She was very sure of the cancer she was looking at and said if we continued to wait, we could have eventually been looking at Melanoma which of course, is deadly.

Jade looked even better last night, her wounds are healing nicely with the edges tucked under just the way the doctor wanted.  We are so happy with this Vet and her team and feel good leaving Jade in their hands another 7-9days.  Believe me, she's out of that cage more than she's in.  The receptionist brings her in the little front area with her when no ones there or else just wanders around.  I'm so glad she's not stuck in her cage with her cone on day and night.  Cone is only on at night when no one is there.  I believe the pain meds will discontinue tomorrow.  

We are getting ready to go see her right now as the Vet closes at noon.  They are closed tomorrow so we won't see her again until Monday night.  It'll be hard to wait that long :(

We have a good Vet, but thanks to Everyone's prayers and support in addition, the stress of this experience was been reduced tremendously!  I mean, really truly.  I would have been a wreck without your caring words to hold in my heart.  

Thank You!!  Everyone!!  
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How pretty she looks! She looks like one of these pure bred kitties....darn I can't remember the breed, but they are really cute. What's the breed again? ugh...can't remember. Any way, I'm glad it's over. Your cat is so pretty :)
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