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Hi there!
Gave the first dosis of anti-worm to Loreena's kittens today - 03 ml oral one ,dosis checked with the lab vet
They have a good SAC ( just dont work on weekends -nothing is perfect )
Nothing happened til now- its 19:45 PM local hour - I gave them at 8;30 AM
That's the way thing works? I mean, no disconfort or diarrhea?
They are all ( or almost all) going to the litter box but they only pee there;I'm not only unable to see worms.I'm unable to see the poo!!
Not even in the bedroom box!
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Glad to hear the kittens are doing ok!!

You might not see the worms.  Most dewormers work by paralyzing the adult worm and then the parasite is elminated along with the fecal material.  To a certain extent, the kitten's body will even break down the parasite to smaller pieces.

If you did some any signs of worms, it would likely be roundworms as hookworms are too small to see with the naked eye.

You might see some more results in about 24 hours or so.
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Thank you for the answer.
I dont believe I would see something since mother must be cleaning then, I only see them peeing.

No results till now ...

I guess I should give the mother some as well, I didnt give her since she was half strange but now she seens to be fine,Point is, she will reject that, for sure. Could I mix with  Tuna Whiskas sachet that she loves?
I used to do that with the pills but I dont know about liquid ones

BTW, today morning I could not find the toilet paper that I had removed from the normal place whem the kittens arrive since it was pretty near their box .
I had put on windowsill and ...
When I've found it was inside the cats box. Its Loreena using that to clean the babies ;-) ?
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What is it? Is it a tablet? Have you checked to see if your local pet store sells pill pockets? Cats love that thing. You can put the tablet in there and give it to them. The cats enjoy it and you get what you want by treating them.
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Bought that oral because was for the kittens.Gave a pill twice to Loreena , first time she bite  imagining was food -spit half when tasted and only took the second time with atum or whiskas sachet.
The name of the oral is Panacur (Fenbendazole), dry one Petzil ( its is fish shape :)
There are lots of dry ones, but  just that liquid.
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Your veterinarian should be able to provide you with liquid Panacur for mom as well.  It's a great idea to deworm mom at this time too because the stress of pregnancy and lactation will often "activate" dormant roundworm and hookworm larva in her body and they will work their way to the gut and start reproducing.

If mom is still cleaning the kittens, it is very likely that you will miss any worms or worm fragments that make it out.   Just remember to follow your veterinarian's instructions and deworm the kittens every 3 weeks until they are about 12 weeks old
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Can   I give her  that mixed with small portion of food?
For not stressing her more cause she's already getting bored of the oral suplement she likes the taste.
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Shouldn't be a problem...just make sure she eats the entire portion of whatever you mix it with....
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Thanks, I will . Today or tomorrow !
Hope the stuff dont spoil the tuna flavor/smell...
Is dangerous for the kittens keep playing on the litter box after using that ? (just pee, almost imediatelly removed when noticed )
I'm using a product made of argile, they say its safe for all age  cats but babies  put everything in the mouth...
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I agree with Thomas, the best dewormer you can give her is from your vet. It should not cost more than $10 for the 2x dosage.  

The dewormer you have can be given 'hidden' in food, just make sure you watch her so that she does not spit out the pill.  Cats are notorious for doing this.

I would also add this:
     As kits are kits their pooh is not very noticeable. Mainly because mommy will clean them up, however; worms including hookworms can be very noticeable by behavior and by sight depending on the age of the kit.
     It is extremely important to deworm kits.  They are born with worms.....it is just nature, but with the more we domesticate Felines the more the Momma does not give immunity to parasites in her milk.
     This being said....  if you see your Momma showing signs of having worms....constant cleaning of herself and her kits, dragging her butt, weight loss in Momma or kits, and the sign to watch for sure.... her being unable to produce enough milk to feed her kits!

I would ask that instead of 'store bought'/'walmart' dewormer you get a good dewormer from your vet that will not harm her kits.

Litter box training....   leave that to Momma.....she will teach them!  They will be curious about the litter box   and they should be, just like when we toilet train our children.

Unless your Momma cat isn't doing the training, only then take over.  

I have to ask....how old are these babies?
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Be sure I wont buy that at at Walmart or supermarket _ first is 65 Km away and the second doesnt have any ;-)
But I know what you mean, I 'm buying those at a zoo pharma and checking with my own vet ( not that trush her soo much,but...)
As I told you the ones in pill you can find a lot and for sure some are better then others but this is something to thing about when kittens are all eating.By now liquid one is better
Loreena took the same 2 days after

Babies were born in 03/ november so they are thirthy-something days old.Time enough to do a big - and funny mess!

No problems with litter box training - all my cats are coming naturally born able to used it quite well. Tell you more later on...
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Here is the the reality....  if momma is not dewormed correctly then it doesn't matter if the kits are.  Momma can still pass on worms through her milk.  If she has worms, and is not dewormed the kits will still get them.  

They invade the entire digestive system,and with moms they will travel through the milk ducts and the kits will again become infected.
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Dear Mr Dock

My husband and I rescued an adorable little female kitten who has been a bright spot for us.  Unfortunately, our landlord told us we must get her declawed or remove her.

My mom used to breed Burmese so I have grown up with them, and I know that with proper exercise and training, our little kitten will not scratch anything.  In addition, I do not understand what damage her claws could do to the apartment...I have only ever seen cats scratch furniture, all of which we own.

My husband is devastated to think of having to get rid of our little girl, but I feel sick at the idea of declawing her just to appease our landlord.  Under other circumstances, I would never declaw a cat.

Any advice?

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