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Kitty Has A Wet Cough

My 9 year old cat has a cough. She gets real low and stretched out and coughs. It looks like it's a lot of hard work and she sounds gurgly/raspy like she's got a drip or something.
She breaths through her nose and hasn't got anything running from her nose and otherwise seems fine.
Her coat is still sleek and smooth and shiny and she's still a happy pain in my behind.
Could it be allergies?
It's going to be over two months before I can get a vet to see her due to finances.
I hope she's okay.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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as long as it isnt affecting her breathing/energy/water drinking/eating she should be fine.  keep and eye on her and if she starts to look like she is having issues with any of those i listed then take her to a vet.  she could just have a summer cold.  also keep an eye on her eyes if she starts to have a lot of eye gunk buildup then that is a bad sign also but from what you described i wouldnt worry too much for now
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is it possible that she is trying to cough up a hairball? when they get down and low and stretched out as you describe this sounds very much like one may well be lodged in her throat.....do you give here hairball gel? or even White petroleum jelly to lick off your finger? give that a try and see if it helps...can also try a small amount of egg yolk mixed in her food, if it is a hairball this will help emulsify it..
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I think you may be right. She did this last year too.
I don't think it's a hairball, she's never had issues with that. My other cat on the other hand, she's the hairball monster.
This one just coughs with a little bit of a snotty sound, like when my son was sick with a cold. I will keep an eye on her.
Yeah, this one passes her hairballs just fine. (yicky that I watch for those but lol oh well)
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