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Kitty's nose

I have a one year old. I think she might have burnt her nose, either on a candle or by sniffing some bleach water. She has not thrown up, but she did have diarrhea. I have let her play in a stream of water from the faucet and she drank milk to possibly coat her tummy. She seems normal other than her nose. It started on Friday morning very pink, by evening it was slightly pus/crusty. All day Saturday it was yellowish and this morning it was scabbed. Now she is snotting down her face and dripping from her chin. I don't have any money for the vet bill or meds right now. Is there a home remedy that I can mix to help her?
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no real home remedies, but keep any wound clean. you can use neosporin on the scab. can clean any abrasion as you would for yourself, but on the nose it is a bit tricky. soap and water would be best there.  you can also call the vet to ask for advice. usually they will give you a bit of advice over the phone. the local humane society may also be able to help you out.
the milk may well be what caused the diarreah. they don't digest it well. if you want to give her milk then get cats milk at the grocery, or get a container of lactaid.
sniffing bleach water would cause her mucus membranes in her nose to get all out of whack, but that would correct it's self. it sounds like she might have gotten burned.
cats and candles don't mix. get the led fake candles when you are able to if you want the ambience. never leave your kitty alone with a candle even if you are just getting up for a drink or a bathroom break. it's dangerous for kitty, and it's dangerous for your home.
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Thank you for the response. I should have stated she had kitten milk, we have a little one too, and she had the diarrhea before the milk. I gave her the milk in the belief she had licked the bleach water and injested enough to mess with her tummy. As long as her running nose is clear am I in the clear?
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in a person clear mucus means that the nose is just running naturally. she's not sneezing like crazy is she? warm not hot tea bags help with congestion, so does a roman bath. lock kitty in the bathroom and run the shower on steamy hot. give kitty a good steam to relieve the sinuses. that actually saved my small cat when she was severely congested.
way to go with the kitten milk!
my best advice would be just calling the vet. they are very helpful when you call. they can tell you if there is anything else to be done other than keeping it clean. one thing that i think about is that cats generally in the wild would take care of it on their own! (but they prob wouldn't get burnt to begin with)
diarreah is the body's reaction to trauma. keep the cat hydrated, and watch to make sure it eats properly.
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Thank you
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