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L'il Boy's eyes

L'il Boy's eye is starting to look like conjunctivitis-the nictating membrane is out and looks irritated. Someone told me to put Bacitracin on it-can anyone help? We just can't afford to take him to the vet. I've just been using warm cloths and saline solution so far.. Please help my L'il guy!! thanks!
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im so sad to hear little boys eyes are still so bad.....the kitten(s) likely have FIP, this can manifest itself in any organ of the body depending on their immune systems...if it affects the eyes they likely become blind:(
So I do desperately hope this isn't what they have and its just conjunctivitis.

Bless your good soul for trying your best to care for these little ones..is there a no kill shelter that would take the family in and give them the medical care they need?

you can try the Bacitracin as long as its an OPTHALMIC solution or gel meaning its meant for the eyes...do NOT use a topical one. start with just a small amount to be sure there is no allergic reaction. it will need to be administered every 8-12 hrs.. heres a write up abt it


best to you all♥
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How are the kittens doing? They will be getting to be at least 6 weeks by now...give us an update k:))
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