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Linear Granuloma - reoccurs contantly, Help

Hi All,
I rescued my cat Binks this past February.  He is the best cat I have ever owned. Love, love, love this cat.  He has a problem with linear granuloma on his hind legs that keeps coming back.  Steroids get rid of quickly but don't want to keep going down that road as steroids are not the greatest thing to keep putting him on.  He has been on a hypo allergenic diet of "Duck & Green Pea" for about 3 months now and was doing better but here we go again.
Poor little guy has them all down his hind legs again.
Has anyone out there had this problem and had success with controlling it?  I am desperate to help him at the same time I am going broke doing so.  I just don't know what to do for this sweet little boy.  I don't know much about his background as he came from a rescue, they had saved him from a shelter that had him schedule to be put down the day they scooped him up.  He had been found on the streets and unclaimed. I would think he was owned by someone at sometime because he is very social and affectionate, not timid like a true stray.  He is approx. 1 1/2 to 2 years old.  Please help if you can, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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You're right about the steroids.  You don't want kitty on them more than maybe 3 times a year since that can lead to problems like diabetes.  

Chrissy, I don't know anything about Linear Granuloma but what you can do while waiting for someone with experience is browse through the community yourself which you do by entering Linear Granuloma in Search this Community which you will find up at the top right of this page (right above Today's Pulse)

You can also post to an expert which you will also find on the right if you scroll down quite a ways to the Expert Related Forums and click on Animal Health - General.  I believe it costs $10 to post a question, but might be worth it.  You can also do a search in THAT community also.  

Best of luck with this.  I know it's so stressful to watch your baby suffer.  It sounds like you're doing everything right.  One of our members here uses Collidiol Silver on the scabs - her kitty has something similar and she's had good luck with it.  
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Oh poor little guy, my sami too has EGC, he suffers with the sores on his face.
I have some experience with this b/c we have battled with this for 2 yrs now(some success).
this as you know is a very complex disease as well as difficult to successfully treat.

this is a disease of the immune system and diet/allergy is only one of the components, you now have him on a good diet, thats the first step.
I had to go to a fish diet, my Sami refused(dispite months of all/every attempt to get him on recommended brands)...
the removal of chicken and onto the fish helped alot but not totally.

I agree strongly to discontinue the steroid/cortisone injections, they are only a temp. relief and many complications can arise from their use.
If it becomes necessary to use a similar treatment 'long term' talk to your vet about a much better alternative of ATOPICA
Its only so far approved in use for dogs, but has been successfully used in cats for the treatment of EGC.
I haven't had to go to this treatment, so far, diet and a topical treatment (holistic)I am using appears to be working.

I will give you two websites for more info.
I also suggest you post this question on our ASK AN EXPERT FORUM. by scrolling down to the 'expert related activity' you can ask questions there or read the archives, I asked these same questions previously and got replies from Veterinarian Dermatologists.

other sites.



all the best to you and kitty on this search, this is such a miserable condition, can you imagine how the itch must be for these kitties!!

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just another short note Chrissy. meant to welcome you to our cat community, hope you find it helpful and stay with us..we love to hear updates on conditions and just kitty happenings..post anytime.

I wanted to mention with linear granuloma and it localized primarily on the back legs....there is a huge association with 'litter'
what type of litter do you use?...does it happen to be scented?
Even if its not scented, a switch to a natural litter or even a different type maybe a good idea for a trial.
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Oh, Chrissy, can I relate to your experience!  I have a 1 1/2 year old Siamese with linear granuloma complex.  We're even on the same "duck and green pea" cat food that costs $33 a bag! Our kitty is the sweetest girl, and I hate to watch her suffer.  Her lesions started out in patches on her belly and outer thigh, but now she has it down both of her back legs.  We've tried a month of steriods to no avail, and our diet trial doesn't seem to be working either. Our vet called a veterinary dermatologist with a specialty in this issue, and he said to try a month long course of antibiotics, since an allergy to a bacteria on the skin often causes this form of granuloma complex.  We'll be starting that ASAP - I'll try to post and let you know how it goes.

Best of luck to you and Binks,

Kaelie in WI
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honey take her OFF the dry food and try some can food, sometimes its an allergy to one of the preservatives in the dry food composition..........gosh I hope something works for your little one, this is so sad to see them in such misery.
have you tried newspaper litter or wheat?....when its on the under belly and legs quite often can be a litter allergy as welll, have you tried changing that too?
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