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Long worms in cat's vomit, please help.

There's a stray cat which lives around my house. Today she vomited and it had very long worms in it and after that she kinda lost her strength and almost fell down but she got up and went to sleep somewhere else.

She's about 5 years old but yet she's very slow. I have never seen her hunting any bird in 2 - 3 years, I guess she always eat rats. She also have lose motions most of the time, and her brown fur looks faded as compared to other cats.

Please help, which medicine and food should I give her? I was thinking about a dewormer but I'm not sure.


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If you can't get her to a vet, or take one of her stool samples to the vet and get the right worm medicine, you could try giving her a wormer for roundworms. They are long like that. But she's a lot better off if she can see a vet.
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Here's from another site: https://www.thesprucepets.com/roundworms-in-cats-3385241

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