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Loreena pos-op troubles

Hi all
Everything was going ok after girl beeing  spayed thursday til the weekend.
Saturday she ate quite  few and I was worried about that beeing effect of the clothes treads she had been eating.Monday she was eating better - and I offering her Whiskas sachet seven in the morning...
But stopped drinking - that was even worse!
Try to contact the vet all day long without success and decided call another to came and pick us by 4 pm.
They last about half hour to came - that would not be a problem since the cat was not dying,but WAS a problem considering I kept her inside the box outside home to wait for and the traffic noise on the street was driving her (ok,WE) crazy.
Vet said she had 40 degree fever and got a shot.He doesnt thing is something serious, just pain and prescrited pills for and an antibiotic for 8 days just in case.
Praised the vet that did the surgery,whowever.He seemed to be happy in receiving me coming from that clinic
Talked about some "collegues" in the neighbourhood doing a quite dirt service - mercifully i did not know any charging sooo cheap but those are really not trustful,I wont take my girl there.
Back home,I was feeling bad ( and even more broken ) but Loreena was better and she finally drank some!!
Today I started with the antibiotic at 10am shes supposed to take that twice a day.Other is just a quarter of pill a day.
Just wondering how I will hide the pill everyday,I dont feel like giving her meat everytime...

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Oh I am so sorry abt Loreena's problems....poor baby!..........but yes infection can be a problem aft surgery and not necessarily the fault of the clinic or the Dr.
I am so glad you got her some antibiotics...she will start to feel better real quick with those.
To give a pill I prefer to sit the kitty up on a counter or something up at your level, hold her kinda under your left arm...that gives you 2 free hands, pry open her jaws with one hand and pop the pill deep into her mouth(as far back as possible than she'll swallow and not spit out)...........this all just takes a second and you will get real used to doing in after a couple trys, thats the easiest for me anyway....
too hide it in something the kitties get pretty smart at the scent and start refusing to eat it....
keep us posted and best to you both!!
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Aw, poor kitty. Please keep us posted on her progress. I agree with opus, that there could be complications after surgery and it isn't always the vet's fault. It just happens. Antibiotics will help fight that. Opus gave you a pretty good idea on how to handle Loreena during the time you are giving her the medication.

My favorite method is something called Pill Pockets. I'm not sure if you guys have that in Brazil, but it is sold at pet stores. The name says it all. It is a pocket where you put the pill and make it a little ball looking thing. It is completely safe to give to cats and they like it. No stress involved.

If you do not have the pill pockets then I'd just follow Opus' advice. If you want to, just in case she gets feisty, you can wrap her up in a towel so she will not scratch you.

Please let us know how that goes. Hopefully you'll be successful at it.
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Yesterday she peeed  in the living room carpet right beside her litter box. No, no pity her,she was not weak ,she was completely able to do it in the right place.
In fact she entered there, sniff and left the place just because there was a small place wet ( just wet,not smelly!)
Later on I had to leave and when I came back she had opened the forbidden bedroom door ( damm one do nor close completely and now guess even the kids are helping !).All the family was inside and I only could find them cos they appeared by themselves...

BTW, kids entered there at 2 am - and I had put 4 bricks to keep the door close ( inside the bedroom)!!!
I woke up with the move - and those are the kittens I was afraid would die for infection when new born
What a gas! Maybe I should start eating lizards or so...

Looking to the bright side ( we NEED ) I  took those are good signs,as well as she wanting my food. All normal cat is boring,I guess :-)
Today her poo was not so good as the previous day but vet said it can be caused by the remedy.Here I am again as "cat's poo watcher " - life is great :)
After calling him I started thinking she's not so active today,but drinking and eating.Could not take her temperature, she only accept for a insuficient time.
Hope she not surprise me too much cos I left her alone in the living room /kitchen ...

Didnt know about those Pill Pockets.Is the pocket made of something tasteful for the cat? I have to look for, hope they exist here and had a decent price.
Til now first day was easy with hamburguer meat,today problematic cos chicken do not cover it properly and she is getting smarter every day.
Guess tomorrow will be ham paste - girl is definively spoiled!
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The Pill Pockets are completely edible and safe. Cats usually love it! They eat it all in matters of seconds!
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Found the stuff here in my city at one  zoopharma.Pretty expensive, however : 1 real each one ( selling individualy) ! Guess I will ask a cousin living is USA to kindly send me a package,if not for this ocasion will be useful fot the next...
No credid cards for buying on line - and maybe ship postages will make prices similar...
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That is a good idea dear. Hopefully your cousin will help you.

The Pill Pockets are going to be your best friend with Loreena. Just wait 'til you try that and you see her go nuts about it. What makes it effective is the smell. It is very appealing, and so most of the time they don't even chew. They just swallow. So you can rest assure that the whole pill is inside her doing its job.

Good Luck, and keep us posted.
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Hi there...you might want to try Greenies Pill Pockets....Kitties usually love greenies
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Girl is eating the remedie with different supports.But today she`s REALLY with diarhea, its not only poo loose! I`m afraid the pill is not doing her good, a weekend peaceful and now that...
3 days more...
Does anybody knows if Rilexine cause that
I didnt talk with the vet today til this moment,he was on surgery.Saturday he had start believing it was just paranoia of mine.I would be glad if was...
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Vet asked material for lab test.Girl was good and produced some almost imediatelly after the phone call,it was just the time for me to pick a recipient... Luck me,it was not in my hand...
I took a big rain shower (its raining A LOT here in my country now) while delivering the stuff to the clinic( its far away from home),both ways (coming and going) and the results are supposed to be ready today,they will call if so.
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Lab test was normal.Last pill was yesterday night.
A multicoloured poo in the backyard -(weird - traces of many products) but I guess it was not hers,the one she did later on was liquid brown
Still with diarrhea this morning.Vet had suggested BACTRIN but I will wait till tomorrow to see. Dont think is good keep giving her remedies without knowing exactly why...
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LOL....multicolored poo!!!  And, you won't share the colors with us?????  = )  

Well, was Loreena having diarrhea(loose poo) BEFORE she got spayed?  IF she started with the loose stool after the spay, then it could be caused by the antibiotics that she's been on.  Hopefully, that's what's going on!

I do agree with you that it's not good to keep treating something when you have no idea what's really going on.  Not good for us either!
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At this moment I'm completly lost. Diarrea  is still equal vet one insists on Bactrim - for more 8 days...
He said it will show results in 2 or 3 days.
Vet 2 didnt see her but kind of agree with waiting a little bit more.
Medicine lab say the effect would be over in one day - today is the second!
People say its not good giving her soo much antibiotics
I dont know what I do...
I'm about to give up keeping Lucky, Poor one I barely have time to her, Joy is still home and always running around and I have to 'rescue" her besides watching Loreena...
Feeling worried and a lot sad ...

Does anybody knows dehidration signs is cat?

About the poo: after surgery she had some occasions when the stuff was soft but not as liquid as nowadays
When she went to surgery thing was sort of under control,kept this way recent pos op and got really worse after the medicine
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Hi so sorry for all of Loreena's problems,....I agree with ZQ, I think all the loose poo is due to the antibiotics...(thats quite common).
Apple go to the very top of this page and see the blue bar across the top where it says PETS click on that it will take you to a page with a column on the left hand side that reads ASK A VET(or ask an expert)...click on general health or nutrition problems and than fill out your question and a Vet will answer you (should be by tomorrow)

I think it would be best to keep her off medication for a few days and see if her system corrects itself before adding anything else.
If she is drinking well I wouldn't worry(yet) abt dehydration.
good luck, poor baby
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Let me ask you this....was the poo loose BEFORE the spay?

If kitty is making loose poo a couple of times a day-3 or 4......don't worry about dehydration.  AND, if kitty is eating and drinking well, DON'T worry.
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Hi hon, I'm so sorry to see Loreena's having problems.  I can see it's stressing you alot as it would any one of us.  I've been gone from the forum for several weeks so not exactly sure of what's going on.  From quick reading, Loreena was spayed, but is not recovering so well.  Poor girl :(  

You asked about dehydration.  I believe if you pull up her skin and it doesn't snap right back, this is a sign.  That might be tricky, however, with her fur, but if she has short hair, you might be able to see this if it's happening.  

I know the worry for a sick kitty and we are all here for you.  You have certainly gone above and beyond for your girl.  

Praying for you and Loreena.  Hope you're able to figure out the problem soon.

Thinking of you, Apple...♥
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How's Loree doing? Apple, we are all here for you, my darling. Give Loreena a huge kiss for me. She will be ok..you'll see.
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Thank you all,we all know how much this support is important...
By yesterday night thing was still the same so I finally decided agree with the vet and give her the stuff
This time is a liquid product and after a whole day postponing the act waiting for some new, I did  it at 9PM
No one had told me what happens when a cat taste something quite bad (well, it was strawberry but its made for humane taste! ) so I got absolutelly scaried when I saw her slobbering foam.
Could not contact that vet,but mercifully there's another working in a 24 h place and she told me it was normal.
Soon after she pooed again because got stressed i guess.She had been doing that about 3 times a day.

Giving her the stuff wont be easy ,you never know if she's taking the whole dosis , And I slept quite bad last night, all the family was a little agitated (maybe because of me...)

But guess she is fine, the vet is really wondering I AM the real problematic one :-)
Loreena seens to be ok, in fact the poo was slightly better today morning - that makes me part happy, part wondering if I was not precipitated in starting second remedie.Second one is not supposed to work so fast...
Well,its done... More medicine,poor one...
Now she is out all day long while I'm not home.Just hope she doesnt use the free time to eat junk or be away by the remedy time.

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Hi, glad Loreena seems a little better today.  It may just take awhile.  Before you know it she will be back to her old self again.  You have been taking such good care of her.
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Oh yes, the foaming at the mouth is SO scary if you're not expecting it.  Sorry that frightened you.  Glad to hear Loreena is a little better today.  That's a relief!  

You may already be doing this, Apple, but when medicating Loreena, try to keep an inner calm as much as possible.  This, of course, can be easier said than done, but the calmer You are, the calmer Loreena will be.  Take a big deep breath before you begin.  It's hard, I know.  We are having to give Jade eardrops for the first time ever and staying calm has been a challenge.  We found out we weren't even getting it into the ear canal for five whole days so had to return to the vet for a demonstration.  Jade is easy, but she sure does not like these eardrops.  

You're doing a Great Job, AppleBr.  I am very impressed!!  I can't imagine trying to medicate Jade all by myself.  
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I am also very impressed, Apple. You are doing such a great job caring for this cat. From what I've read, there aren't many resources in Brazil. But you have managed to get your cat on the mend at whatever cost. You are a great mom.

Seeing your pet foaming by the mouth is never a nice thing and it is always scary. You will get the hang of it so she won't try to throw it all out. Be patient, and keep us posted. She will be ok.
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I wont have time to post all I have planned so I will try sumarise it
Saturday Loreena throwed up the night medicine.Vet say by sms "Do nothing, just wait til tomorrrow and give her the morning one
Called my 24 helper amd this time she drove me more worried cos she, besides not being able to figure out a situation she was not seeing, she also disagree  with the first vet procedures- behavior;
Loreena was not feeling bad after so i went bed about 11PM.But she scratched the door almost all night long,it means I was stand to see her about 1 time each hour
Sunday morning 830am I was contacting her vet again,she was ok but I wanna be sure I could count on him in need.
In fact, I couldnt - he was is another city near mine.Emergency service in another place is 7O reais( normal price= 40) and I had that free stuff I already mentioned with the one that was not available (besides he charges only 10 for transportation in ordinary days)
Give her the stuff a lot afraid but mercifully nothing bad happened.She passed a very active day and the night one was ok as well
Poo is almost normal but she doesnt open the mouth expontaneosly anymore I had to force her.Not worried about she biting me just about not being taking all the dosis or not returning for the medicine someday,she's getting more and more suspicious and hides from me for a long after the medicine - its hard to check if is throwing up somewhere

I completelly agree I have to keep calm during the process but its a lot hard since I'm a lot anxious and she stays lookin at me and meowing - yes she started doing that now...
Not sleeping properly kills me - she keeps scratching my door!
Today she ate a little less but nothing to worry I guess

Vet finally agreed with using pills again but the issue is controversial for me cos a pharmacist told me it will increase the dosis( not possible divide the pill soo much) and I DEFINIVELLY wont do that,better less (spitted) one that more...
Not to mention more expenses - I will try keep on with the liquid one while/if possible

PK I  will keep watching Abby progress hope he recover completely soon, dear you really need some rest...And WE HAVE good resources for animals here( well, not as good for cats as in USA ) but they are TOO MUCH EXPENSIVE
The pocket pill I mentioned - that btw was only for dogs- checked later on- was the same price of the remedie itself ...

I wish there was something I could give or do to make her happy after all...
Its all by now,thank you all and all the best for your boys and girls,sick or not.

Well thats all by

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Msg went without end - sorry...
PK and girls you're  heroines ,sicking cats make us sick as well

Today news
Loreena throwed up last night again :-(
I had put some music on ,by her fellow  Loreena Mc Kennit to make us ( or me, at least) calmer and she was sleeping till about 15 minutes before.I deeply sorry woke her up and thing was fast and unsucessful ...
She's now on pills again vet said to give her  the eighty part of the pill, not a quarter. I was right, he was talking about a 200mg pill,not that only one i met.
Now she  is a lot suspicious refusing even treats with,i had to insist on and put on her mouth.
Did it a little later than it was supposed to do cos I had to buy the pill and tried first  passing by 1 humane public health service to see if some doctor I know could give me a prescription for a free medicine.The only one that arrives early is not working today, so now I have about 18 pills to share since she s suppose to use  a quarter each day 5 days ( no mood for calculating) box has 20.Plus one almost complete vial of the liquid one...
Eating a little less and acting as mad (its about the cat - but I'm  kinda of equall , but eating few its not unusual about me :-)  )
She is running as crazy after the kids and licking then furiously. Dont wanna go back outside, just do that...
They are even receiving some slaps . But I guess its just some kind of game and she's not really hurting them -I hope so...
Kittens will complete 3 mo day 3

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You're so right, Apple.  Sick kitties make us so very worried and stressed out.  How funny Loreena is named after Loreena McKennitt.  I love her music too and have one of her CD's.  Lovely, soothing music :)

Poor Loreena.  Medicine is likely upsetting her tummy.  Hope this current round of meds kicks in and Loreena begins to recover.

YOU have likely not had a good nights sleep since Loreena had her kittens :(  I hope you're taking care of yourself as well as possible and don't get sick yourself.  This must be so difficult to do all alone.  I really admire your undying devotion to your girl.  

You and kitty family are in my thoughts and prayers.  Be well, Apple. (((Hugs)))
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as alwys Jade has such a beautiful way with words, you are a remarkable mommy, loreena and the 'kids' are very well taken care of! even if suspicious of you she stll knows you love her dear but you do need to eat yourself too!...that little family is keeping you extra busy.
If she is only going to have 1/8th of a pill per day...you will have lots with 20 pills, how long is she supposed to take for?...I agree the pills are probably whats causing her to be sick to her stomach, are they an antibiotic?..........now that you are giving 1/8th instead of 1/4 maybe it won't cause her to vomit...am I understanding you right?
Applebr, I wish you prayers too, all will be much better soon. not easy to give pills to a cat so you are doing very very well to manage with your very first kitty...
keep us posted abt the family I love your notes!
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Is the second medicine - first one was pill and she used it for 8 days without troubles or vomiting.But diarhea was still there and I couldnt convince vet to keep waiting.
Second was oral - that cause her to throw up cos of the bad taste,so say the vet.So he substitited for the pill - and I only give her 1/8 never 1/4 but the taste or smell is still present and now she refuses even things without medicine that she likes but suspect can contain any :-(
She asks me for the stuff,rub against me for and then check the product to see if is possible get rid of the pill.Since that is mixed, she refuse all and even another food for some time

She's also learning hours I guess, because she accepted that ( without medicine) later on!  
I have to admit I didnt give her when she did - mom is stressed and she had already eaten. Smart girl!! No Whiskas for bad behaviour - poor one I know this is useless,I will give her tomorrow...

Putting in her mouth is not so safe cos she can spit the stuff without me seeing or even throw up if is for the taste but the last possibility would be injection - that no way I will do

She's fine poo is fine and if that damn medicines were NOT antibiotic I would have stopped by myself ,problem is she developing immunity and needing that for some serious disease  without effects in the future

About the pill amount = yes is a pity I had no able time to get the few ones I will use in another place than the drugstore, it was not available at the vet shop where they sell units.
If vet had not started with liquid one things would have been easier, I could get that for free with a doctor or samples with another vet . And maybe Loreena was still accepting then ...
740516 tn?1360946086
Trainning her for aceppting pills  again
I've been introducing good stuff or cat food inside her mouth many times .
I still have my fingers - thats must be a positive sign :-)

Today I took the girls for the second shot.
874521 tn?1424120397
Oh I am so glad Loreena is being more agreeable taking her medication and that you still have all your fingers, that is a very positive sign for sure.....have her poos become more formed now too? You have done a wonderful job with persevering. those wonderful kitties sure have a way of controlling our lives don't they!
you'll have your hands full taking those two little girls for their shots today...I wish you all my love and best of luck.
242912 tn?1402547092
You said earlier, Loreena is learning what time you medicate.  Jade is like that too.  I pick her up throughout the day without incident, but comes 5pm when it's time for her eardrops, when I pick her up, she clings 'cause she knows what's coming now, lol...

Hope the kids feel okay after the shots.  Makes kitties a little lethargic sometimes, ESPECIALLY the rabies shot :(

740516 tn?1360946086
No problems with the shots, they are good girls,Joy just meowed all the way to clinic ( in fact its not a clinic,its a vet drugstore -its cheaper there) but they are all very used to the transporting box.
No visible effects later on.
It was not rabies yet, they will take that next month if I'm not mistaken plus the last dosis of these one.Loreena must take rabies one someday, but I guess I'will wait til the annual vacination campaign ( free) - she couldnt take it last year cos was already suspect of pregnancy...

Poo is ok, and the damn one started scratching the speakers of my soundsystem...
Its not new at all but she's not supposed to destroy it ,its the only one I have !!!
Guess she got bored when I fixed with plastic tape her "job" on the doors... ( I dont care for those,they were alredy bad,I just put that for not hear the noise )

My mood is better, they let me sleep all night long last night ( well I had to feed the "gremlins" about 10pm,kind of late for kids but worked)
If was not for Loreena medicine I would have sleep til late in the morning, NO ONE was scratching the door! MIRACLE!
Hope it last!

Ah, Loreena white fellow is still around waiting for her. And I saw her on the window wishing going ( she's free all day long now but i keep her inside from 6pm to 9am for the medicine)
Kind of weird relationship _do you think its possible they becoming only friends?? ;-)
874521 tn?1424120397
awww your stories Apple keep me smiling always(hows the book idea coming?)
'the damn one' scratching the speakers...use a spray avail at a pet store to deter her from doing this..they hate the scent and will leave it alone. FELIWAY is another idea but its bought thr a Vet clinic its not an offensive smell, its a hormone that is supposed to sooth them...I've used it with moderate results.
even just sprinkling a small amount of pepper on the speakers maybe of some help?..does she have a post she can scratch on?
Glad the kids are ok after the shots, maybe a bit sleepy today tho, so don't  worry if they are!!
OH 'the white fellow' and Loreena and their weird relationships.....yes my dear they now for sure can become friends, now that she will no longer give off the female heat scent he will think of her more as a friend and not have romance on his mind!!!
best to the family 8-)
740516 tn?1360946086
Pepper was old ,I guess - no results ;-) I had already tried.
She has lots of things to scratch outside,posts ,trees, etc
I dont care in her scratching the doors cos  they are already needing to be substituted - just hope she doesnt produce a hole on.

Worried about the kids quieter? I LOVE when it  happens!

Book will late a little, I was not even able to post something here about the delivery - and it happened 3 MONTHS AGO !
Have to buy her a house but I dont think she will really live in one when i did,maybe the kids.No money for, anyway.
Some people home are pressing me to give up keeping Lucky :-(  you barely take one worry from your mind and someone provide another, sniff!
Cats family is ok by now, humane one better not talking about for avoiding headaches...

Crazy about the vet saying "Stop that "_ I will try call him again tonight
740516 tn?1360946086
Girl is out of medicine this week .
874521 tn?1424120397
how is she doing Apple? have the poos stopped?....that should be plenty long enough for the medicine now anyway....tell us abt the family
740516 tn?1360946086
Poos have not stopped ,thank godness - one cannot stay without that :-)
  They are ok, just a little reduced in quantity but this is normal considering she's been eating less the 2 last days (well at least less of her own cat food, I cant tell she's not visiting some friends or catching birds or so around...
Its also a lot hot here these days,only those kittens can keep hungry all the time
Now she's only inside for the night.For not to be wishing and asking to enter during late night.
She's missing the treats for the pills :-)Keeps rubbing against me for.
Its time for Joy to go away but I'm not beeing able to contact my friend, hope she calls me soon.
Feline family is fine, there are some problems here about humane one that are driving me crazy plus the lack of job/money.
Guess now you girls must change the way of praying,pray for they keep healthy and grandma beeing able to give them a good life and ignore all the others not cat fans...
242912 tn?1402547092
I'm happy to read, Loreena is better.  Especially with your lack of money.  We are in somewhat the same position and pray Jade stays healthy.  I always pray for you and Loreena so will just keep it up :)

So Joy will be going to a new home soon.  You'll miss her terribly.  You've been a wonderful and caring "grandma," Apple.  Raised them, got their shots.  Joy is healthy and ready to go :)  

Sorry you're being pressured into doing something you're not ready for with Lucky.  
740516 tn?1360946086
Girl was ouside with her  white boyfriend yesterday evening ;-)
Keeps eating few.Few poo as well.
Grandma needs to return to her routine and stop controling the poor cat.
Something as return home by the hour L; will be put inside and do not freak out if she didnt appear
Guess Lucky will miss Joy more than me, for sure I love both and I've been somehow forced to give her more attention than to the other (she's a natural born fugitive...) but they stay together all day long without me and Loreena.
I will have to play more with Lucky when Joy finally went home

All the best for yo and Jade

Guess my friend is also broken and scared of me asking money for the shots :-)
I surely will - but its done, anyway...
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