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Loss of appetite/vomiting.

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone else has been through a similar situation. I'm looking for clue as to what might be wrong with my cat. He is a 10 year old short hair cat that stays in doors 95% of the time, and weighs 16lbs (yes, he's on a diet consisting of strictly canned food).
Three days ago I took him outside on his leash and he tried to eat grass when I wasn't looking. When he got inside he didn't want dinner which is unheard of. Later he vomited a small amount of grass, which is normal for him if he ingests it.
Two days went by and he continued to vomit up yellow liquid (stomach acid?) and he refused to eat. Although, when I put food in front of him he seemed interested, but after smelling it he just walks away. He is urinating but not defecating.
I took him to the vet after two days of this and she felt for any blockage/foreign objects but did not find a problem. She suggested that he isn't defecating because he has not eaten. They ran a test for pancreatic issues but that came back negative. They also did a blood work panel, and I am anxiously awaiting results.
He was given fluids and placed on Cerenia for his upset stomach however when I gave him the medication he immediately began drooling in excess, which I have NEVER seen him do.
He seemed to have a heightened interest in eating when we got home from the vet, but he still will not actually eat. He took a couple licks of the broth from his canned food and then walked away.
The following morning he rejected eating altogether.
Any suggestions or advise would be fantastic, as the vet seems to be at a loss for answers right now.
Thank you so much,
Melissa and Dennis the kitty
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Hi Melissa,
I just went through this with my cat. Dennis may have an obstruction that can only be detected by x-ray or ultra sound. Feeling around might be fine but to be sure....he will need one or both of these. My cat ended up having exploratory surgery. Hopefully Dennis just needs an enema and he must get IV Fluids--he must be VERY dehydrated and that will not make deficating any easier .

Your vet must surely know a cat cannot go with out eating for24-36 hrs. He must eat even with a feeding tube. Sounds like your vet has some work to do---sending you home saying "I don't know" is not good enough". Back to the vet for answers and solutions

Please let us know what happens. Saying prayers for Dennis and you.
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Hi, I agree with CML.  This really does sound like a blockage.  Your cat needs an XRay ASAP.  If that doesn't give a clear enough picture, then an ultrasound is your next step.

I would also do everything in your power to get him to eat something.  My "go to's" are strained meat baby food(chicken and ham), chicken broth, and human tuna.  I'd go get those ASAP.  See how he does with those.  Usually cats can't resist those.

By the way, Cerenia is wonderful stuff!!  I've seen it work wonders on my mom's cats!!

Please keep us posted.  We really care!
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