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Lump at Cat's wrist

We discovered a lump on the left foot of our 3 year old male cat. It is sticking out right about at the wrist. We have taken him to the vet and the lump is very hard. They gave him an antibiotic shot in hopes that it was perhaps an abscess and would go down. It did not and actually has increased in size. He does not limp and gets around on it just fine but it does hurt when you push on it. We have plans to take him in and have it removed. The vet thinks that it would be too difficult to aspirate anything from it. He believes it to be more solid. I just lost a 14 year old cat last year and have a very sick 16 year old cat. This is our baby and I am not prepared to hear that he might have cancer or some other devastating disease that would take him from us.

Can you help have you heard of anything cats can get at their wrists that would be like this.
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If it's hard has your doctor ruled out a nest of some parasite? I recall hearing something of this sort before.
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Don't worry to much. It's very possible this is a totally benign growth or something as simple as a "bone spur" that has developed a tissue mass about it in an attempt to compensate. Anything is possible!
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