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Managing feeding costs

Hi anipals ~ I'm new to the forum and new to being a cat owner. I became a surprise parent recently to two adorable twin cats, one girl and one boy. The boy is a sickly fellow! He has to be fed separate from his sisfur and he has to eat different food as well. I actually have a pet sitter coming over everyday to feed him! The costs are insane. I can't leave food out b/c one of his problems is he will overeat, but he can only eat wet food. Any advice? I work for an attorney so my days are sometimes long very unpredictable.
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Sounds like a good candidate for a kitty daycare, if such existed.

No real advice, as our little furpers have always done well on the major label wet food (Friskies and Fancy Feast).  Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable folks will chime in.
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did your kitty have a urinary tract blockage? in any case its very wise to have a male cat on wet food ONLY..

how old is he? why does he need extra feedings throughout the day? how much do you feed him in the morning before you leave for work?

unless theres a medical reason why he should need to be fed through out the day most cats do just fine on 2-3 feedings per day. feed before you leave, when you arrive home and again just before bed. if you are feeding a high quality wet food with NO grains that should be sufficient for him IMO of course, perhaps theres a reason he needs to be fed for often??
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Thanks for comments. Boo Boo will only eat Whiskas and Fancy Feast and sometimes Friskies. 3 times a day is fine, but the problem is I often leave very early in the morning sometimes 7 a.m. and don't get home 'til 7 p.m. ---that's way too long to leave him w no food. At least it feels that way. :(
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Also like to reiterate that I became a pet parent by surprise. These two beautiful cats were going to be homeless or in a kill shelter if I didn't take them. I just don't want people thinking that I made a choice to get these animals knowing that I was going to be working all day because it just isn't the case. Now that I have them I wouldn't trade them for a pot of gold but I am still learning how to do this. I never even so much as had a hamster growing up!
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