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MedHelp Communities are getting a makeover!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that MedHelp will be introducing a new design for the support communities. When you visit MedHelp on Tuesday, September 13th, all of the 300+ communities will sport a new, simpler design with less clutter, more emphasis on questions and answers, and a sleeker, more enjoyable experience within each community.

In addition to the new design, there will be a few new features:

Questions & Answers will be easier to find. Located closer to the top of the page, it will be easier to find information and join in the conversation.

Featured Articles are more prominently displayed to keep you informed on news and topics related to each community.

Next & Previous Buttons Speed Navigation from one discussion to another within a community using the next and previous buttons, located at the top and bottom of every post.

Hopefully, the changes will give you a better — and better looking! — experience. If you have any suggestions or feedback once the new design is live, please feel free to drop MedHelp a note in the MedHelp Suggestions Community (http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Improve-MedHelp-Suggestions/show/110).
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Thanks for taking care of this, Opus!

And to our members, yes, change can be hard and things will look different, but will only be a matter of getting used to.  We've been through many changes before in the last few years and it ended up okay so try to be patient.  I feel kind of excited about this and I hope you will too!  >^..^<  
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There is nothing lasting, but change. - Karl Ludwig Börne, German political writer and satirist (6 May 1786 – 12 February 1837)
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