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Mia has been diagnosed with Hyper -T

Hi All,

Just letting you know I may be off the forum for a week or so. Mia was being tested for possible Hyperthyroidism and her values have now confirmed it. Tests came back Friday and she will start on Methiamazole tomorrow.

I am going to have to make some decisions as to what to do going forward. Radioactive Iodine Therapy, Thyroidectomy, or simple try to control it with meds. I will be consulting with a Dr. Bucheler who would be doing the I-131 (Iodine) procedure or hopefully the thyroidectomy --if she is a candatate for this.

A Lot to think about. Anyone having gone through this I would so appreciate a little education on my options. This is again one more new ailment added to Mia's stable of problems.
I am beginning to feel like I just want her to progress with No Pain to her natural life expectancy--we feel she is probably 12 years old and has had a wonderful loving life, and I always said I would do everything in my power to make sure she would not be placed under any excess stress to resolve additional ailments. She has gone through enough surgeries and the Iodine treatment would mean she would be isolated for 4 days at the clinic and then brought home with me being able to spend only 10 mins daily Close to her---that will never work. So I think it is Meds or surgery and I will take my chances.

Any one having experience with a cat with IBD ,Pancreatitis,and now Hper=T--sure could use some help with what has worked for you .
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I have no experience with any of my cats having the same problems your kitty has, but am sorry to hear Mia has another illness.  When they get old its so hard to see them have to deal with one problem, let alone several.  I would go for the medication if it was my kitty, if possible., and see where that takes you .  I wish you luck
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I am so sorry Mia got dx'd w/ hyperthyroidism.  But, thankfully, you've got a few options.  If Mia were my kitty, I would not even go there with the methimazole med.  No way, no how!  My mom had 2 cats go on the drug and had absolutely horrible side effects-the WBC count plummeted way down and they both looked so lethargic that they looked like they were going to die.  It scared the doo doo out of us both.  We immediately got them off the med and lo and behold, they recovered.  Now, if this had happened with one cat, I would recommend you go for it.  But, knowing that this happened to both of the cats, I can't, in good conscience tell you to try it.  I would go for the surgery or the radioactive iodine treatment.  

If you want any more details, shoot me a pm.

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Oh, C, I am so very sorry to hear this.  Jade had HyperT at the end.  Like ZQ said, the side effects with methiamazole are numerous...which was why we opted to let nature take it's course, as like with Mia, she had so many issues already.  We did not regret our choice.  

Wishing you the very best.  Kept us updated as you can.  Love and hugs to you and our sweet girl, Mia.  xo
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Hi Guys

Yes one more thing with my little honey
She has been my Vet Schooling that is for sure.
Each new condition I have to research.

I know Methiamazole has many side effects and believe me I do not want to go there , but I will not do the Radioactive Iodine, and the surgery is very iffy.

Sooooo DING<DING<DING---you may be the winner Jade with just allowing things to take their course naturally, while spoiling the hell out of her and even letting her eat at McDonalds--with fries, LOL!

I will try to do my homework and see which way to go. Sometimes you just want them to live a happy, stress free life with no Vets, meds,or tests. She has had enough of them for one lifetime.

I do worry about the heart, and liver function though and do not want her to have pain in those areas

I will keep you guys posted after I look into this .
Thanks for your concern --you are all the BEST!!!

Love you girlfriends

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oh nooo I am so sad to read about Mia and one more thing this poor girl has to deal with that just isn't fair.
Cml...I have no experience with this except for what I read and Jade and ZQ are so right abt the Methimazole and its terrible side effects, sometimes the cons out weigh the pros :(

I did find a site that deals with HyperT cats...maybe there will be loads of other pet parents there that can share their experiences with you...hope so I will also include a site on Homeo Meds...however I have read they are usually only successful when used in conjunction with Methimazole.

I have read the l-131 can be successful, but when it isn't it can make matters worse
So you have lots to read and think about in days ahead. Maybe Mia would be a good candidate for the surgery? you need to know all you can than talk this all over with your Vet.

Keep us updated and if I find anymore info I will pass it on


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I didn't realize the meds for a kitty would be that hard on them.  That would definitely scare me, but the other choices are scary,too.  I know how you feel, its so hard to decide which way to go, I guess you just have to try what you and your vet feel is the best option, and take it from there. If that doesn't work,  you know you've done your best to help her and checked out all possibilities
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