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Miss Kissie ill...

Hey all;

An unusual post from me.  Silver Kestrel the Ransacker, affectionately known as Miss Kissie is sick.

Kissie will be 12 in April and has been producing loose stools for a couple of weeks, plus she's lost quite a bit of weight and occasionally up-chucks.

Vet has taken blood; we are awaiting results, but in the meantime are giving her an antibiotic (twice a day), an anti-diarrheal plus a pro-biotic (each once a day).

She continues to have a good appetite, uses the Box, coat is glossy, eyes are clear, nose is moist, energy level seems fine, still goes to town on her scratch pad, still very social...likes a sheltered spot for napping, but does not hide.

Stools are pancake batter to toothpaste consistency.  Color has been dark tan, but normal brown seems to be returning.

A suggestion we are acting on is to find wet foods that do not contain fish meal as a component, which we have been informed may trigger allergic reaction in elder kitties.  Kitty Tuna will remain a once a week treat.  We've also tried mixing in a little pumpkin or yogurt to her wet food.

I also got a kitty treat, which has pro-biotic properties...

...just got off the phone with the vet.

Blood work looks okay, he quizzed us on the dietary adjustments and likes what we are doing.

Hopefully, just some dietary changes...
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LOL...Opus!!!  =)

We should celebrate our own BMs!!!  Why not?????

I really would like to get a kitty, but not in the near future.  I'm dealing w/ some money problems and am looking for a better paying job before I get a kitty again.  When the time is right, I will be rescuing a kitty from the humane society.  No other option for me!  You get the very best animals from there, and they never fail to show how thankful they are.  Those animals deserve the best!

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Pip, I am so sorry for miss Kissie's troubles. you are doing all the right things and its a good sign that the blood work was normal. tell me did the Vet also do a free T4 known as fT4 to rule out hyperthyroidism? since she is exhibiting some of the classic signs...and I'm assuming her BUN/CREATININE were normal to rule out CRF what about blood sugars?
I am hoping these were all tested and results ruled them all out...
the pumpkin is good fiber but it is best for constipation issues, you may want to add a very small amount of psyllium husks (or unflavored metamucil) to her food to help firm the stools.
I sure hope this and the meds will perk her up real soon.....((hugs))
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Wellness has just turkey and just chicken, both of which do not contain any fish at all.  This is better for those of us who can't do the raw diet that would be the best for our kitties.  The vet from Mercola Pets, Dr. Karen Becker, always stresses species appropriate diet for our cats.  So, unless the cat is allergic to poultry, out of this brand these are the best ones for the cat.  They do have beef, too, but it is combined with salmon, which would defeat your efforts.  This natural vet has explained very well that it is actually weird or strange that cats get addicted to fish, since their ancestors come from the desert regions.  Clearly they would not be fishing in the dessert.  Their wild counterparts that still live in the dessert hunt small animals of all sorts.  Naturally, desert dwelling rodents are on the very top of the menu, but not restricted to just rodents.  Basically, anything that is proportionally small enough to hunt for the cat is on the menu.  

So, what you were told about fish is correct.  It just isn't species appropriate for the house cat, even though so many of them are literally addicted to fish.  I would go with kitty salmon instead of the tuna, though.  It's good you're limiting the fish now that you know, too.  Salmon is considered safer as it doesn't contain so many heavy metals and other toxins from the polluted ocean.  Wild caught salmon from Alaska is ideal for us, so it's certainly going to be more so for the house cat, since the house cat is so much smaller than we are.  Heavy metals are hard on our kidneys, so it would make sense that they would be hard on our pets, too.

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Sorry to hear Kissy not been well Pip hope she is recovering now , cats do have fragile digestions don't they I am learning some of this ..
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Hoping a diet change is all that's needed here to get Kessie feeling back to herself.  Encouraging to hear the bloodwork is normal.  

May I ask you the name of the kitty treat with probiotics?  I am always looking for something healthier than the Temptations dh gives when I'm not looking. (lol).

Prayers and hugs from Jade and I~~
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I talked a little more with my wife, she actually talked to the vet while I listened on the extension...all indicators for Miss K's innards looked good: thyroid, liver, kidneys - all okay.

The pro-biotic snack I got (which she really likes) are GNC Ultra Mega Digestive Support soft chews in "Tasty Duck Flavor."  I got them at Petsmart, along with a wider variety of poultry and mammal based canned food.

The advice about salmon instead of tuna makes sense, hmmm, maybe trout, too.  Could be fish is like "Meth" for kitties. =)

Looks like kitty's stools have gone from pudding-like to toothpaste, firmer and formed.  So, we are hoping the diet modification and mild antibiotic (along with the pro-biotic treat) are doing the trick.

Except for a few days of denning up in the computer room closet, Kestrel's energy level never seemed to flag and throughout she's been the first one to the kitchen when I come home from work, looking for supper.

Now, to get a little weight back on her frame.

Thank you all for your support and advice.

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Hi Pip!  

I'm sorry to hear about Kiss' problems.  But, also happy to hear the blood work is normal and that her diet modification seems to be helping!  

It's so good to see you posting here still.  It's been a long time since I've had the pleasure of chatting with you.  

Good luck and keep up the good work at taking care of your babies!  I admire you for all you do for your fur babies.

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I'm sure Kissie will continue to improve!!!  

You're doing right by her!!  She's lucky to have such caring parents.  =)
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Sorry to hear about Kessie's ills, Pip but it sounds like she's on the mend now.  Keep us posted on her condition. Praying she'll be feeling good soon!
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Hooray!  Almost normal BM this evening, plus she's back to her favorite hobby of sculpting cardboard boxes by biting chunks out.
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...also, did start adding a smidgen of unflavored Metamucil to her food in the morning.
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Wonderful news, Pip, what a relief!  Celebrating normal bm's!!  LOL
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Glad to hear that Kissie's BM's are normal again!

Hey.....why does no one celebrate MY BM's?????  =(
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oh ZQ....so nice to see you with us again, we all missed your humor -)
I can tell you I surely DO celebrate each and everyone of mine!!!!
but yes I agree, nice to hear that Kissie is recouping and hopefully all will be well for her...
any kitties in your near future ZQ?....house must be lonely without the patter of those little paws, think of Skunkie often -(
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Miss Kestrel continues to have some bad days, but only one real liquid episode.

She's social, grooms, no accidents outside the box, coat, eyes and nose look good, weight loss seems to have stabilized.

We spoke with the Doc last evening, he's a real caring man who will speak with you after hours.  He likes what we are doing and counseled that older kitties do take longer to recover from an intestinal upset.  Said to give it another week of care and observation.

Got Kessie Blue Buffalo Duck in wet and dry, since she likes the GNC digestive health treats in that flavor.  Also got her some Fancy Feast poultry flavors with greens (no tuna, but did get salmon and ocean whitefish as the once every few days flavors).

She liked the BB wet, mixed with some FF chicken.  I'll see if she'll take to the dry mixed with her usual Friskies Indoor.  One other board said BB dry will take to being softened with water, and holds its shape, will try that, too.

Anita also made up a batch of chicken liver and rice paté, which Kessie likes.  Made a big batch and froze it in portions, in a pair of ice cube trays.  Defrost until baby bottle warm, mush it up.  Doc said this was good, too.

Hopefully, Miss Kissie Kester-pest will improve.
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Oh, I hope so.  You two are certainly doing all the right things.  I am so impressed with you and Anita's dedication to all your girls. ♥
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It really does sound like you and Anita are doing all the right things, and I think Kissy's problem is only temporary.  She'll be back to normal in no time.

Keep on doing what you're doing and hang in there!!!
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hi Pip well you have indeed got a good vet ..to speak after hours ,thats so caring and makes you feel better when they are sick .hey chicken liver and rice pate sounds good enough for us to eat ,glad to hear Kissy is doing okay I know how you feel I just worry about Tweety if she spits up a hair ball ..on The 30th we have about an 8 hour journey with her and I driving....
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Unfortunately, Kessie went liquid again today, and vomited up some mucousy looking fluid; she keeps her food down okay.

She's been off the anti-biotics since Friday, advice on how long an older kitty takes to reestablish more normal gut flora?  She does like the digestive health treats, not so much the yogurt or Blue Buffalo foods.
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oh thats too bad Kessie is continuing to have problems...

Pip since most medical tests have returned with good results I'm just wondering if she could possibly have a hair ball? do you use a hair ball remedy occasionally?
I'm just thinking of my own kitties that get a tummy upset and will frequently bring up fluid when trying to expel one.

I use a particular probiotic with 12 strains of enzymes after they've been on an antibiotic to restore flora. It comes in powder form, and I just sprinkle a small amount daily on their wet food. I order from iherb as this Primal Defense product is safe for kitties but is hard to find locally.
best to Kessie.

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Very sorry to hear this, Pip.  Please keep us posted~~
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I'll have to look for that probiotic.

As for hairballs, all of our girls like a little (1/4 tsp or so) Vaseline every now and then.  I'll have to try that.  None of them have liked FeMalt or any of the other hairball helpers.

Old Cammie (aka Calamity Jane Grey), if she was nowhere to be found, just turn the lid on the Vaseline jar and she'd come running.  She liked that better than Tuna AND Catnip.
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Thanks..got kitten wet and kibble at the vet's suggestion.  He said try those for a few days to see if she eats and digests better.
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Hey Pip, thinking of Kessie today.  Any improvement with with her stools on the kitten food?
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