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My 16 year old cat is skin and bones

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. I have a 16 year old house cat. He is a long haired cat who use to weigh upwards to 15 pounds. He weighed more than my dogs... In the last year he has been losing weight and has become skin and bones (or hair and bones) He eats well but is also drinking more water and urinating much more. He has never been outdoors , except under our supervision. He also has had a change in his personality, he wants to be with me where ever I am and follows me everywhere. He use to hang out and do his own thing, you know how cats can be. I love the attention he is giving me but he is just not himself. I have thought of kidney problems, diabetes...how long does a cat live untreated with one of these diseases? I am in the midst of a move also and this is going to be stressful on him as all he has ever known is our current house. I love my Jett and would also like to know what treatment cost may be for any of these diseases. I would also like to add that his well kept fur is now looking so untidy, he just can't take care of himself as he use to. H e has never been sick, such a healthy cat. He also had an episode one day where he was so weak he couldn't make it to the litter box and defecated on the carpet...that was a first, but he seemed to recover the next day. Any ideas or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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It does sound like kidney or diabetes, or kidney and diabetes.  Please get him in to see a doctor.  The doctor can tell you what treatment costs.  It is not going to get better, and it sounds very acute.  I would take him to the vet tomorrow.
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Aaawww!  Your kitty should see a vet, but according to what you have said, doing so could go upwards of hundreds of dollars.  You have to condider his age, also.  The move, plus any treatment he gets could just as well wind up fatal for him.  If this were my cat, I would not have him treated at the vet for as long as he appears to be reasonably comfortable and happy.  I would allow him to live out his elder time in love and comfort.  And when he no longer has quality of life, I would do the last loving thing I could do for him, and let the vet put him to sleep.  I'm sure you will do the right thing.  Blessings - Blu
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Hi Mindy,

I just finished reading your comments. Here's my take on what your cat
may have. Based on the symptoms you say Jett is exhibiting, I would
say your furbaby may likely have diabetes. I say this because you say
Jett has lost a lot of weight and is skin and bones. You say Jett is
drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot more. Both of these symptoms
are associated with diabetes. Our cat, Sammy, whose eight years old
now, had diabetes. You'll notice I said had diabetes. Sammy's diabetes
was detected through a blood test. The mention of Jett's untidy fur which
can be a symptom of diabetes, it was with our Sammy. We adopted
Sammy at 20 lbs. In three months, he lost about five lbs. He was drinking
huge amounts of water and peeing huge amounts and he was getting
skinnier and skinnier. As I say, he lost 5 lbs. in 3 months. Our vet suggested a blood test. That's how the diabetes was found. Please take
your precious kitty to the vet.  Have your vet check him out and I suggest
asking your vet to give Jett a blood test. Jett may have diabetes and if
he does he will need insulin needles. Our Sammy needed one insulin
needle in the morning and one at night and special diabetic food.
It might not be diabetes, but it may be. I know you said you're moving
but your 16 year old family member is sick and should be seen as
soon as possible by your vet. It won't cost hundreds of dollars. It
doesn't cost us hundreds of dollars. Good luck finding out what's going
on with Jett.  Eve :) ( mother of Sammy)
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Thank you all for all your concerns and advise. I don't know if I can just continue to watch him go down hill.....I am diabetic and take insulin, I know without insurance I could not afford my medicine. Is it the same for felines?
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When my cat had diabetes, I did not find the cost of his shots burdensome at all.  But one thing is certain, if it is untreated diabetes, you will see him die if you do nothing.  A visit to the vet, and a frank talk about costs, will help you a lot in deciding what to do.
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My cat I think is during she hasn't eaten in 4 days but has dank some milk I don't want her to die look up starving old cat to see the whole story and if you know what's wrong with please tell me what to do BTW forgot to add the fact that weird snot like stuff is coming out of her eyes
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