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My Cat is ALWAYS stretching her back legs

I have a 21/2 year old Female cat. She is always stretching her hind legs. pretty much everytime she gets up there's a stretch. While she's walkin around pretty much a guarantee she goes for stretches...She also seems to have an excessive licking problem as well. She is always licking off her furr especially on her tummy and of course the famous hind legs..

I have 3 other cats and they defintly have a good life here. I love them very very much so she definitly has a great home here. Vets are soooooooooo expensive so I was just seeing if anyone on here would have any suggestions or similar experiences with this.

For some reason I think she has a form of OCD for Kitties but in a way I kinda worry about if it is something more serious. She is always energetic, eats well, never throwing up, always good spirited...

She must have OCD though.... Its a constant on the "famous hind leg stretch" the famous "licking" and ALWAYS opon ALWAYS "rubbing her head excessivly on peoples feet" haha
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Generally a cat does excessive licking to relieve pain or discomfort. I have a link here, if it won't post here I'll e-mail it to you.

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