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My Cat is Stumbling and acting off

Hello I've had a issue with my cat since last night. He was fine yesterday when i let him out for a couple of hours but when he came back 3 hours or so later he came back stumbling having issues walking as if he was drunk. No scratches or injuries that i could see but he wasn't acting normal and was stumbling everywhere. I took him to the Vet and the first thing he said was there's a good chance he got into some anti freeze or something. He ran the test and he showed up clean. He suggested theirs s a list of other things they could check for other poisons and  procedures to clean his system out. He thought it was still some sort of toxin or something neurological. I wanted to do these treatments but it was going to cost $1000.00 to do. I couldn't afford to pay him so i asked if there was anything he could do and he suggested he could give him a charcoal treatment to absorb anything he might have gotten into for good measure.
Today hes still very stumble y, doesn't seem to want to eat or drink, and i noticed his eyes are rolling back in his head and you can see his white eye lids taking up the bottom of his eyes. He did manage to make it to the kitty litter this morning but still doesn't want water or food.

Does these symptoms ring any bells to anyone?
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Possible stroke?  Cats do get them, had to put down our Calamity Jane after she went through a pair of strokes.  Was recovering nicely from the first one with a treatment the vet recommended, but the second was just too massive.
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I did end up just putting it on my credit card ill deal with that later. Just noticed as i was bringing him to the vet he seems to be leaning to the right a lot as well. All ways seems to be falling on that side specifically and his heads all ways tilting a bit to the right.
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You can take him to a low cost vet clinic like the humane society/SPCA.  They offer lower cost services.  Please call your local branch today.  Your cat needs help.  This can't be put off.

This does sound like a possible stroke or head injury.  Could he have gotten hit by a car or exposed to any toxins?
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Miss Calamity kind of curled and tended to go to her left after the first stroke.
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It also could be vestibular syndrome, which my cat had and the systems are similar, but why he would get it after being outside would just be a coincidence because it is a disease that just comes on spontaneously. The good news is it clears up on its own after 7-14 days. But that is just a guess and shouldn't preclude getting him checked out. Good luck.
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So JK, are you saying you put  the $1,000 on your credit card to have tests run on him?  If so please let us know what you find out.

CareCredit is a great credit program for vet expenses . Check to see if your vet takes this. If not and he needs more tests take him somewhere that does take this credit---It will allow you to cover the many tests that need to be done, with a small amount to pay off each month.

Good Luck!
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