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My Charlie

My orange tabby, Charlie, is only 3 years old and has been sick since the middle of December. We took him to the vet then and they put him on antibiotics and something for a fever/inflammation.  They told us he had an upper and lower respiratory infection.  We have 6 cats and two of them seemed to get sick as well and one round of antibiotics worked.  Charlie was still sick in the beginning of January and the vet put him on amoxicillin and said he should be better in 2 weeks and that they no longer heard anything in his lungs and he no longer had a fever.  But, he continued to cough, bring up mucus and his nose stayed stuffy.  We took him again 2 weeks ago and the vet took x-rays and the x-rays showed a little fluid still in his lungs and his sinus cavity was blocked.  So, he gave him a stronger antibiotic via a shot that he said is very strong and would last 2 weeks and also gave him a prednisone shot for his breathing.  He hasn't lost weight or anything, but he still has all this mucus and sneezes a lot.  I'm so worried about him.  I was told that he appeared to look healthy but that it is possible he could have feline leukemia or aids, but it would be rare since we've had him so long and this is the first time he's been sick.  But, we found him on our porch when he was about 5 months old.  The vet said if he wasn't better in 2 weeks ( which is today) we'd have to do bloodwork.  He's my baby - after we lost our Daisy to cancer, we found Charlie and he has been my boy ever since.  I am so scared.  Not only that, but I've had 3 surgeries myself since the end of July and financially we are drained.  I'm just not sure how we can afford all of this.  We'll do it because he's our baby but it's so difficult.  

Anyway, has anyone else had a similar story and did your cat get better - just took longer than others?

Thanks for any help you can give me.  
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awww so sorry you said you had to take him back yesterday ,did they do the bloodwork, maybe they will let you make payments ..Hope you get some answers soon and hes okay .
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Thank you very much!  We were unable to take him yesterday.  I will talk to my vet tomorrow.  I've noticed that he's been sneezing a lot more and he's getting a lot out.  I wonder if perhaps he is on the mend.  But, I still have to speak with our vet.  He'll call me back as he's an awesome person who truly loves these animals.

I've missed you margy!  Thanks for lending support.  I haven't been here for a long time and have missed special people like you!

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You can buy an amino acid from your Vets or from a human health food store its called L-lysine. NOW brand is the best if you get it from the health food store. this will really help support his immune system, whether it be a URI or whatever it won't harm.
Have you tried bringing him in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes each day to help clear his nasal passages and to help with the mucus?...
good luck to the poor little fella, keep us updated okay♥
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Thanks for the advice!

Charlie started a new antibiotic last Thursday, the 16th.  The vet ran blood work to rule out HIV and FIV.  Fortunately, it tested negative!  WOOT!  I was so worried about that.  He seems to be getting bettter.  We are giving him the antibiotic (his 4th one) and he'll be on that until next Thursday.  He also receives and anti-inflammatory to help with the inflammation in his sinuses and it has made a huge difference.  He's not 100% but I can see so much improvement!

Again, thanks for the support and advice!

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Thanks!  We have a warm mist humidifier in our bedroom which is where he stays most of the time.  It seems to have helped!  :)
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So, now I'm getting worried again!  The vet gave us Rimadyl to give to Charlie for the inflammation.  I've read that this medication can cause liver damage in cats.  UGH!  We give him his antibiotic in the a.m. with the Rymadyl and we've done that for a week.  About 2 days ago, he started being stuffy again.  When I read about the Rimadyl and liver issues in cats- I immediately took him off it.  But, now I'm worried he'll be even more stuff!  What else could be wrong with him.  I know he is to take the antibiotic for another week but I would think by now he should be better.  He's had this thing since the middle of December!  He has developed what I think is a yeast infection and we are giving him about 1/10 of a human dose of acidophoulus tablets to help him.  I have read it is okay to give to cats.  

Anyone have any other ideas?  Can cats take anything for allergies?  My vet said only predisone shots and he's already had one of those.  :(
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Hi Janet, nice to see you back although so sorry for the reason.  I don't currently have an answer for you, but am looking through my Cat Fancy Mags to see if I can come up with another idea because what your Charlie is going through is ringing a bell.  I get this mag every month, and every month, I read a great article that I think I'll be able to find easily should the question arise on this forum, but that never seems to be the case, so I'm still looking, but wanted to say "hey". :)

FurballsMom gives Zyrtec (I'm pretty sure that's it) to her Akira, but I'm not sure of the dosage.  Hopefully, she will come along soon, or you could PM her?  

Best of luck, Janet, and I'll be back if I can find what I am looking for.  What IS occurring to me since Charlie isn't getting better is Jade's problem when we first got her which was Cryptococcosis.  It's a fungal infection that presents sx's like Charlies, but hard to dx due to the fact, these symptoms can mean so many different things.  
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Hi Janet, long time no see!!!!  Great to see ya again!

I was thinking that it could be a possible fungal infection, too.  To find out what bug poor Charlie is dealing with, the vet needs to get a swab of some mucus and send it off to the lab.  They will grow the bug out in a special agar plate and test it for sensitivity to specific chemical agents that will actually work on the bug.  

I'm not sure of the cost, but it'll save you time and money in the long run.  That way you're not wasting money on a bunch of different drugs that don't work and you'll finally know what you're dealing with.

Good luck, hon!  Fingers crossed for Charlie.
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Thank you for the ideas.  

I am so worried about him.  Charlie is the one who comforted me after going through the lymphoma with Daisy.  He is my buddy and I'm his human.  LOL!!!  He tickles my heart, as one of my friends says.  He thinks he is a golden retriever - runs and fetches and brings stuff back to me to play with him.  Sits by my night stand staring at my top drawer because that's where the cat laser is so he can chase it and play. He cracks me up!  He can be quite the clown and full of personality.  He sleeps on my feet all the time and just gives unconditional love to everyone in our household, including the other 5 cats!  So far, the other cats are fine.  We've changed our litter as well to a litter that is not as dusty.  

I think I'll make an appointment to have the nose swab done.  The vet mentioned that, but she did say that finding fungus' can be tough.  I think I'd better try though.  

So far, he has not lost any weight - but I imagine he must be so miserable from all the sneezing, stuffiness and even a little coughing.  

Again, thanks!  It's so good to see old friends still here.  I'll try not to be a stranger!  

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We took Charlie to the vet on Saturday but for some reason he wasn't producing enough mucus for them to do the swab.  But, the vet agreed with us that it could be fungal and so he started him on a medication for that as well.  We're to continue with the antibiotic until Thursday and then after that he'll be on the other medication until 2 weeks from this past Saturday.  Wouldn't you know it - as soon as we got him home he started sneezing and coughing and got a bunch of gunk out.  

I'm praying he'll get better.  I'm afraid to say it, but this morning he seemed like his nose wasn't as stuffy.  I don't know if the new medication can work that fast?  

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes!
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Hi Janet.  Aw shoot, sorry the vet wasn't able to get that swab.  If it *is* fungal, then no, the medicine wouldn't work that fast.  At least not in my experience with Jade's fungus.  We were to give her a Flucanzole tablet twice a day for 3mos, but we went one month further just to be sure, since a fungus is so hard to get rid of.  Did you happen to be given Flucanozole?  I can definitely tell you, it's most important not to skip a dose of whatever fungal med you were given.  

And with regard to Charlie seeming better this morning, maybe the antib's are finally kicking in.  I really hope so!  

Continuing prayers for your boy ♥

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Charlie is getting better it seems but then I go home like last night and he's sneezing like crazy.  You cannot believe what came out of that little nose last night!  I'm hoping that with all that gunk coming out that perhaps he's finally getting rid of an infection that just didn't want to budge.  He's still on the medicine for the fungal infection (even though we have no swab) and tomorrow is his last day for the stronger antibiotic.  He has a week left of the anti-fungal.

Someone suggested I use some natural homeopathic medication for sinus problems in cats.  I can't remember the name of it right now - but I am thinking it might not be a bad idea.  Couldn't hurt him?  I will call the vet to make sure though.

Thanks for the continued prayers for Charlie!  


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Glad to hear that Charlie is showing some improvement!!  But, I do have an idea.....if you want, you could get a sample of the mucus that he's been sneezing because the vet can send that sample off to test it.  It would be less money out of pocket, if you actually bring in the sample yourself.  I've brought in urine samples this way, too.  So, I'm sure it could be done for mucus as well.

Keep us posted, hon!!

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