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My Poor Cat May Be Dying.

Abby has a serious liver disease. I will take him to a 24/7 care center to get a liver biopsy done. But, the vet thinks it’s fatty liver disease, but a biopsy will tell for sure. They did not give me hope for him. He is yellow (Jaundice), lethargic, weak, skinny, dehydrated and depressed. He is on IV’s and they are syringe feeding him because he will not eat on his own.

The vet bill comes up to $1,000. The biopsy is another $1,500, but the vet gave me a $4,000 certificate so I won’t have to pay for the biopsy at least. They will insert a tube to feed him once the biopsy gets done.

Why? Why? Why?

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Oh honey, I am so very sorry.  This is very bad news.  You must feel numb!  

But wow, a $4000 certificate?  Awesome!  What a wonderful vet you have!!

I will continue to be hopeful and pray for Abby Kitty and I am so glad you decided to post on the forum because you need support during this terrible, stressful time.  

I'm here for you...praying for the miracle you and Abby deserve.  You have gone above and beyond for your boy.  You try to stay positive now, as you don't know for sure what the future will bring.  
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This breaks my heart too, PK. I remember when you first got Abby and all the stories and pictures you shared. I will keep praying and hoping for a miracle. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I truly hope for the best here. God bless you, my friend. *Hugs from me and all my critters*
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I am so sorry to hear this about Abby......Please keep us posted on how you are both doing........sara
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I am so sorry about Abby!  He's got my prayers too!  

Abby deserves a miracle!!

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Depply sorry for you and Abbby!
Wishing strong and luck for you both ...
Hug and loving bites from my cat's family
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PK and Abby.............you know you are both in my prayers...there are kitty angels out there you know and they are watching over Abby and Misha(april2) too...
I hope miracles will keep them safe and again home with you!!
blessings ands lot of hugs too.
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