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My cat had his teeth cleaned and has an eye complication since the cleaning.

My cat, Captain 'Kirk' is 12 years old, has never had any problems with his right eye. When we got him home, his third eyelid would not close. (One of his teeth was extracted, but, it was an upper left molar.)  We went back to the vet 5 days later, he was given an antibiotic injection, and, we took him home. After 5 days there was no improvement, so, back to the vet, who gave him a steroid injection. Now, we are almost 3 days post steroid, and there is absolutely no improvement. Can someone tell me if the eye may have been damaged while the teeth were scaled? Perhaps an elevator punctured his gum and damaged his nerve? He is a Maine **** (cameo) - had his distemper shot the same day. Could this be permanent?
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Hi Trish,

Well yes the nerve could have been damaged and a vaccination shot should NEVER be given the same day of a surgical procedure or when a cat is already ill.  Their immune system is already too compromised.  Why do Vets keep doing this, Ugh!. You are not the first to have this happen and sadly will not be the last.
Go back to your vet and make sure he does everything he can to correct this problem and heal your kitty --at their expense since they are at fault.

Good Luck,
Thank you for your advice. We are going to the vet today. I plan to discuss the extra $245 we have been charged for visits and medications (antibiotic and steroid injections). I plan to discuss these extra charges with her today.
Hi Trish,
How is the" Captain"  today???
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I agree with CML there could well be some nerve damage there due to the extraction. Also strongly agree that a cat should NEVER be given vaccinations ever on the same day as a surgery....Vets can make me so angry.

many times the presence of the third eye lid also indicates pain, was kitty given anything for pain...besides the steroids and antibiotics?

Buprenorphine(buprenex) is well tolerated for cats and works really good for post op dental/nerve pain. this is always supplied for my cat for 4-5 days following extractions

I sure hope your kitty can overcome whatever has gone wrong and you get some answers.♥
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