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My cat has a sarcoma what are alternatives?

This is a very common problem apparently.  My 12 yr old tabby, Mr Bill has cancer.  He had the lump between his shoulder blades for over a year so small that I was the only one who ever felt it when petting him, then 3 weeks ago it started growing and now is the size of a small flattened egg.

I've read other posts about sarcoma - especially those induced by vaccines since that is the type he has.  We avoided getting our cats vaccinated for the same reasons we avoided getting our child vaccinated until we were forced so she could attend school.  Now I find that even the ones we HAD to have so the clinic would do the neuter surgery are risk factors for cancer.  Mr Bill is an indoor kitty - but rabies is a forced vaccine in our city.

Has anyone out there found any alternative treatments that help or slow the growth?  Any "miracle" prayers, etc?  I'd like to know the best and worse case sceanarios. We have not heard a single person say that they were glad they did the surgery, or that the surgery helped.  In all the blogs people say that the cancer came back more aggressive than before.  We are definately working class people- I'm on disability with Lupus and my spouse is retired enlisted military.  Not only do we not want to put Bill thru surgery if it won't help, we would have to dig deep to find the funds to do so.  I'd do it in a minute if I thought it would "cure" him, but I'm not feeling encouraged.

I've had cats my whole life and I've never had a connection with an animal like I do with Mr Bill.  He has made me swear that cats are telepathic and understand humans.  Anytime I was sick, in pain, or depressed, or crying Mr Bill was there - purring, loving on me, laying with me, etc.  About 6 months ago he started acting strange - paying less attention to me than to my husband.  He isn't as posessive of me as he was, is not as jealous if I pet my hubbys cat, etc.  But he still loves me, still drools on me, still purrs, still has to sit on MY lap, and still eats, drinks, & potty's like normal.  Except he has lost 2 lbs (he was always a "big boy" - Pat's kitty TW weighs 7 lbs, Mr Bill weighs in at 15.3 now, but he has been up to 17 even on a diet.)  

I'm heartbroken - and scared and worried.  I will never have another Kitty Man like my Bill!!  He hand picked ME out of a litter of 5 kittens he ignored every other person in the house, every other kitten, every cat, puppy, etc and followed me around the house begging to be picked up and cuddled.  At 4 weeks he could barely climb around, but he would scale the cliff of my king sized bed to crawl up where I was reading a book and settle on my lap purring.  I finally ended up buying a baby carrier/sling so he could ride around the house while I washed dishes, cleaned, worked in the garden, etc.  I don't know what I"m going to do without him.  He sits with me while I watch TV and holds my hand - literally - Mr Bill likes to hold hands - if he wants my attention he pats me on the face/mouth with his paw and purrs loudly.  I've never seen a cat do something like that!  

Ok - this is long enough.  Please help if you can - DJADe
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Mr Bill sounds like a cat who gives a shine to the reputation of cathood.  I have no practical advice, not having had to go through any cancers with our kitties.

I'm sure the more veterinary savvy here will answer.

Good luck to you and Mr Bill, my Tunacat was like that.
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I wish that happier circumstances had brought you to our site, I am very sorry for this horrible diagnosis...you and Mr. Bill share a very unique and loving bond and its obvious how very much he means to you.
I have never deal with sarcomas personally but I will send you a site that I have read about, its a Vet that uses injections of neoplasene a non invasive way of reducing (perhaps eliminating?) the tumor....
This dr. works with your Vet via phone so you do not have to take kitty there...I have NO idea how successful these treatments are nor do I know how much they cost, but I do know if it were me and my kitty I would check it out and ask my Vet about it....
I don't believe in putting kitties thru the surgery and chemo treatments, like you said it only prolongs the inevitable as these tumors seem to return with a vengeance after surgery.
I will also try to find another site for you with more info on sarcomas and treatment
the very best of luck to you and your Mr. Bill....(((hugs))) to you both, please return and keep us updated.

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I certainly pray that you find some answers and some hope♥
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Thanks for the idea...

I read the info on the site below and it really scared me about the neoplasene.  Apparently it kills cells - any cells it touches.  Tissue necrosis.  

I don't think I will try this unless the tumor becomes ulcerated to begin with.   One of the problems we have is that we live full time in our RV and travel for my husbands job.  We are often in one place only 1 or sometimes 2 weeks.  Makes it difficult to get continuous care from anyone.  Perhaps a Banfield Vet Clinic since they are all over the country at Pet Smart locations.  They aren't specialists, but are capable of inspecting wounds, etc.  

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Also, the tumor didn't start growing until I used a "generic" topical flea product from PetSmart with "fipronil" as the only active incredient.  It's hard to believe that could have started this cascade, but a dicey coincidence at the least.  

I wonder that it can grow out of control - but no one has written of spontaneous remission - many people get sucked into doing whatever is recommended despite the cost thinking it is the moral thing to do.  We don't know what turns it on (except vaccines are implicated) or if it can be turned off once it is active.  I'm praying for a miracle and I hope everyone who reads this will say a quick prayer for the same.  Healing energy and no stress should make Bill feel better if nothing more.

Much thanks for all the well wishes and sympathy.  
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hi I agree NeoP is harsh, however it does seem to be effective from what I read on other forums. one must weight the risk vs benefits as always. unfortunately dosage can be tricky to get max effect w/out caustic side effects. Most come as a last resort after conventional tx has failed and the body is already toxic...thus the varied outcomes.

I have never heard of spontaneous remission, not if its cancer.
Yes vaccines are implicated, my Vet told me ANY injection can cause a tumor(not always cancerous).
I don't know if the flea products can trigger these sarcomas...but as we all know they are a strong pesticide that we are exposing our pets to, and the area between the shoulder blades is the application site(as well as many vaccines)

Mr. Bill certainly has my prayers and healing energy.....♥
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Thanks for all the support, well wishes and prayers.  Guess it's like anything else - we have to take this one day at a time.  I'm working on getting all Bill's records together to take with me.  Husband has a traveling job and I go with him in our RV so we are not in a position to stay in one place for treatment.  I'm hoping we can get travel treatment.  

I get what you are saying about the NeoP - and I see that there are extremes in opinions about everything.  So far Mr Mr is healthy otherwise and has no evidence of any kind of spreading of the cancer.  I'm afraid to even get the needle biopsy because it is associated with making the tumor more aggressive or "angry" as one vet described it.  If it slows down in growth and/or stays stable we may risk it at some point - that or pay for a more extensive non invasive test (ct scan or ultrasound)

Thanks again - any help, support, advice is greatly appreciated anytime....
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you do very well travelling and taking care of Bill at the same time...can't be easy, but yes all we can do with anything is take it one day at a time.

IMO there is really no advantage to doing a biopsy and risk the spread, it won't tell you more than you already know..

wishing you both the best of luck/prayers/vibes and wishes....keep us posted♥
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I am so sorry, to hear of your story, of Mr. Bill. I have a cat, now, who was just diagnosed, with VAS and am also wondering, what to do. My cat, MaryKay, my 14 yr. old persian  is the love of my life and we have the exact same relationship, as you & Mr. Bill. Mary & I are connected, at the hip and have a bond, that goes beyond animal & human...I had, a wonderful spiritual experience, with my past cat, Phoenix, a Himilayan, also. I was wondering, how Mr. Bill is doing, 6 months, since, your post and if you found any answers, to treating him? Good Luck, to you.
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Wow- My hubby and I are going thru the same. Our kitty Mikey is 12 and looks just like your Mr. Bill. He has had two surgeries. One in March 2011 and the other Feb 2013. The Sarcoma is back again and he just started feeling himself again. Mikey is my love- I rescued him from Humanes Society. He is the sweetest loyal kitty I have ever had. Even though I don't want him to suffer and go thru surgery, recover just to have surgery again. I have cried every night since I discovered the sarcoma came back. I hope you find treatment for your Mr. Bill. My heart aches hearing your story. I understand completely. Take care Kathy
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hi Kathy and welcome, I am so sorry to read of Mikey's ongoing sarcoma's they are famous for recurrence unfortunately.

I'm wondering if you've ever spoken to a Vet/oncologist regarding Vitamin C injections at the site?....I've read reports of how this can shrink the tumor, not a cure but at least a measure to help with the spread..

my prayers go to dear Mikey♥
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I am so very sorry about Mr. Bill.  I am also going through devastation now that my "Foxy Cat" has VAS.  He had his shots that included the feline leukemia shot on March 27 of this year (2014) and just about 2 weeks ago (early May, 2014), I noticed a "hump" in between his shoulder blades.  I took him to my  vet and he told me it is a tumor and more than likely one that was "vaccinated induced."  He told me there was nothing he could do and that surgery is not an option because it will come right back.    I know it's been a while since you posted about Mr. Bill, but I would really Love to hear if Mr. Bill is OK.  I am going to get ready for church, and I will be praying for Mr. Bill and Foxy Cat.  Out Lord made them both and he cares.  If you can, can you email me let me know the outcome?  
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I know it's been awhile since your initial post and I hope things are okay.  My kitty was diagnosed in January with the sarcoma.  I first noticed her symptoms almost 4 years ago and have tried all that time to figure out what her problem was.  We were treating it as arthritis for a long time.  I think those treatments have been SOOO helpful.  They were/are Dasuquin, Omega 3 only.  I use it by Ascenta.  But nutramax has some too.  And potassium supplement renal K.  Her potassium low for unknown reason.  She lives a good quality of life at age 13.  I will always believe in miracles and I hope everyone on here has that hope for their precious babies as well.
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Also I wanted to mention that think that Dasuquin has been helpful because it contains a form of avocado.  I have read in humans that avocado can shrink or stop growth of rumors.  Omega 3's for various reasons.  Anti inflammatory being one.  The omega 3 she takes also contains vitamin E which my traditional vet told me would be good.  The tumor my kitty was diagnosed with was not visible or palpable but more in spinal cord.  Only diagnosed through MRI.  She has no pain that I or any vets can sense.  And I have read that potassium can make body less acidic.  But if they are not low already on potassium could be dangerous.  I believe all of those things have been helpful in those ways.  
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My baby cat, Plumper snuggles me all night, every night, thinks he is a person and a dog, but not a cat, tries to open all the doors using the knobs, plays with and snuggles his canine sister, looks you in the eye when he's talking to you and lets you hold him and carry him around like a ragdoll without complaint. He was just diagnosed with a cancer called fibrosarcoma that resulted from a vaccination three years ago. He isn't a cat or a pet. He's a family member! I understand how you feel about Mr. Bill. So many people do not understand animals, especially cats. And when someone says something insensitive like "well, you can just get another cat" if infuriates me. No, I can't. He is not a bookcase or an appliance. He is a living thing, with a huge personality, and love and affection beyond any I've known. He is different and special. There is no replacement. We have a bond. And I will never have a bond like that with any other animal, or human for that matter. He is unique and has as much personality or more personality than most people I know.

I hope that Mr. Bill is still with us. I don't know what treatment you pursued. We have been to the oncologist and have started the ball rolling. He will have radiation first due to the location and size of his tumor. Then radical surgery, with possible removal of his hip and leg. I just want him with us as long as possible. The world is better with him in it. Even the vets are in love with him. He is truly fully of nothing but love and sweetness.

I hope for the best for you and your baby. And I understand what you went through, though I wish upon wish that I didn't.
I am so sorry all of you are going through this. I have a very special cat going through the same thing and it is heartbreaking. We have had one surgery to remove the first tumor and two months or so later it is back along with several others. We are going in again for  another removal surgery. I just don't know what else to do. Did chemotherapy or radiation work for any one else? I would love an update from everyone. I'll be praying for all of your fur babies.
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