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My cat has saliva that is gel-like coming out of his mouth.

My cat has saliva that is gel-like that is coming out of the corner of his mouth. He is eating and drinking water as he normally does and he doesn't show any symptoms of sickness.  One thing he has started to do is, now at night he is crying outside our door. He is 5 yrs old, neutered, and I have 2 other cats. Does anyone know what this is - my vet is out of town and I would like to wait to go to him after Thanksgiving, or should I rush him to another vet?  Anita
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Your cat has probably has a cold, or upper lung infection, the mucous out the mouth is the cats immune system discharging the infection. Not sure what door you are talking about, if he is an outdoor cat, it might be more serious, catching something from another cat outside. If it is an indoor cat, then probably just a cold.

If the cat is 5 years old, then it has a very strong immune system .

If the cat has had yearly shots, then prob just a cold.  If not, it could be more serious, and the cat should not be around the other cats, as it will spread quickly, until your cat heals.  

Another vet is no issue, if your vet is out of town.  The  other vet will give an antibiotic shot and pills,

Let us know how kitty cat is doing..  

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It sounds like a toxic reaction.  If he isn't showing any other symptoms then it's probably mild and will pass.  

Sometimes a cat will eat something they shouldn't or be exposed to something just once and have a reaction but no lasting effect.  Something like this happened to me when one of my cats got her flea collar stuck in her mouth all day while I was out (!)  She salivated like that and cried a bit and slept with me - but she was fine the next morning.  I took her to the vet anyway, but he told me that there were no lasting effects.  That kind of reaction can occur from exposure a variety of relatively mild toxins.  He could have come into contact with some kind of alcohol, household cleaning fluid, toxic plant or a toxic plant pesticide, etc.

If the symptoms don't abate by mornimg (or if they get worse), I'd take him to another vet right away, just to be sure.

Good luck.  Let us know how it goes, ok?
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ref cat meowing outside door,  let the cat in to heal... The cat is looking for the mother cat, which you are now.  A kitten depends on the mother cat for milk, food and warmth until the kitten is weaned, and after that to learn, and find the cat food bowl.

Your kitty cat is meowing at door because it needs your help.  Bring the cat inside, or let the kitty sleep on bed next to you, until it feels better. You are the mother cat now.

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He is an indoor cat.  It makes sense that he could be crying outside our door now becuase he needs us as his mother, because he may be sick, so I will let him in.  THanks to everyone's response.  I will get him to the vet and let you know.
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My cat has saliva coming out of her mouth, which has been for a bout 3 days. She seems very fine though, is it worth a trip to the vet? Thanks in advance
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Dogs drool cats do not. I would sau your cat needs to ne looked at by a vet .She may have an upper respiratory infection or ulcerative  Stomatitis at the least.  I am going to assume she has had her rabies shots, yes?

Please get to the vet and let us know.

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I have been taking care of a feral cat outside in my parking lot at my apartment complex and for a week and a half she has not eaten or drinking at all that I can see. She is now drooling out of the side of her mouth that looks clear and stringy like. She licks her mouth when I try to put food in front of her. She is at least 10 years old and I would like to get her in a container but cant get more then 6 inches from her. Does anyone know what could be wrong with her and how to get her in a carrier to put her down?
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Good on you for caring for this poor suffering baby. You can rent traps for very reasonable price from humane societies, put some strong flavourful tuna or fish cat food to try and attract her into it.....sure wishing you luck. Or perhaps there's a bylaw enforcement officer that can be contacted??
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Yes ---good for you for taking care of the helpless kitties.

Drooling --Keeep in mind an animal that is drooling and acting irrationally may have rabies----so please be careful.

I would call your local animal shelter to bring a cage and let them try and capture it. They will have more experience and know how to handle the kit if it does have rabies...................on the better hand (if you can call it that --some contact with poisonous substances can cause severe drooling, do may heat strike, respiratory infection and mouth ulcerations---OH MY!  Right, LOL??

I would call someone with knowledge of sick cats to capture this little guy. Be careful and lets hope she can be caught and cured.

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So what is happening with your little stray with the sticky saliva??// Have you found out what it might be---Anyone been able to trap it for investigation??

Please keep us up to date, we care too.

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My cat started drooling today and it's freaking me out! I've never seen her do that and I've had her for a little over a year now. She isn't meowing any more than usual and her attitude is still the same so I'm not that worried. She's still eating and drinking and I've looked in her mouth to see if her gums were odd colored or any foreign objects but nothing... what should I do??
I'm one worried momma
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