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My cat is chewing herself like crazy and losing massive amounts of hair

My cats been acting strange lately, she's eating the dogs food and now she's licking herself and scratching so much she's losing hair. Is she just stressed out or is it fleas oris it related to eating the dog food, I have no idea but it makes me nervous because she's losing hair very quickly and it's to the point where she's getting raw spots. When I shoo her from licking she gives me a nasty look and continues to chew, she's like a chewing zombie. One thing I want to add is that my sisters cat has had the same problem for years, I moved in last year and my csat is just now having the same problem, however my other two cats aren't having the problem, I'm so confused.
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not a good idea to have kitty eating the dogs food, there is such a difference in essential ingredients unique to each breed.
Most allergies will show up on the skin, similar to our allergies exhibiting to us as sneezing or runny eyes....so I would try a change to a good hypoallergenic diet as described on many other posts you can read back on....or a change at least away from food containing poultry products....
A Vet consult should also be done, good luck and keep posting as to kitties condition..kitty needs also to be checked for fleas(?)
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I would have to concur with Opus...your kitty should be seen soon.   Even though your other cats aren't having issues, don't discount the fact that fleas might be the problem.  Some pets are more sensitive and even allergic to flea saliva and will often show signs of excessive scratching, hair pulling, and hair barbering while other pets in the household are not affected.

You can try to get a flea comb and comb one of the cats without the symptoms and see if you can find live fleas or flea dirt.  This would be proof positive that fleas could be part of the problem.   Have your veterinarian dispense some flea control products like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution to all of your pets in the household.

And yes...it would be best for the cat to eat her own food as dog food often doesn't contain the right amounts of essential amino acids like taurine or essential fatty acids, like linoleic that your cat needs.

Good luck...keep us posted.
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