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My cat is skin and bones

My female cat is 11 years old now, she's never had problems with her weight up until now. We occasionally let her outside but she is mostly an indoor cat. Recently, she has lost a tremendous amount of weight she looks like skin and bones. Everyone who visits has commented on her weight. Although she's losing weight, she eats the same amount but drinks many bowls a day. Her personality has also changed, she used to want to relax alone and just want attention sometimes but now she's always by our hip at all times.. wherever we go, she goes. This is really not like her. Lily also started to like human food which she would never try to touch before, now we catch her on the kitchen counters and in the garbage looking for anything. Im very worried but vets are very expensive. We love Lily.. please help! thank you
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Hello Belle and welcome...

It sounds like Lily could be Hyperthyroid.  The symptoms of this disease are weight loss, increased appetite and excessive thirst.  It can be managed by medication, but first Lily will need to be seen by your vet (believe me, I know how expensive they are).

This could also be Renal Failure.  

Please keep in mind, I am just a member here, and the above are only educated guesses.  In any case, Lily is a very sick kitty and should be seen by your vet ASAP.
Good luck; I wish you the best.  Please keep us updated~
The semi-famous Miss Teia had similar symptoms.  We are treating her for both hyperthyroid and weak kidneys.

The vet did blood test over a period of months to make sure of the diagnosis (been monitoring her for a few years as her thyroid number was at the high end of normal for quite some time).

Her weight has stabilized, even gained back a few ounces.  Her liver numbers have improved to, as has the condition of her kidneys (but they are still weak, once renal failure sets in you can only delay the end by palliative treatment).
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Hi again.  Were you able to make an appt for Lily?  

I know taking her to the vet was not what you wanted to hear.  I also know how much you love your girl, and wouldn't want her to suffer.  
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